Testicle that did not come down into the scrotum

In some children, one or both testicles have not entered the scrotum when the child is born. Occasionally the testicle descends into the scrotum itself during the first half of the year. For premature babies, it is quite common for testicles not to be present in the scrotum at birth. Sometimes the testicle needs to be moved with an operation.

Pains in the scrotum before puberty

The fact that children who have not reached puberty get hurt in the scrotum is unusual, but sometimes happens. If a child gets sore in the scrotum, it is important to seek care right away because it is very difficult to know what is causing the pain. Some problems need surgery immediately.

Bacterial vaginosis – smelly flow from the vagina

There are always bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis means that there has been an imbalance among the bacteria. The most common symptom is floods that smell bad. Bacterial vaginosis is common and treated with antibiotics or antiseptics