Here we address some different problems that cause the scrotum to become swollen. Usually, no treatment is needed, but sometimes you may need surgery. Contact a health center if the scrotum swells, to be examined and find out what the cause is. The swollen scrotum is sometimes called a scrotal hernia.

Here are the most common causes of the scrotum swelling:

  • You have had a hernia, which means that fluid is collected around the testicle.
  • A groin hernia that has penetrated the scrotum.
  • You have had varicose veins in your scrotum. This means that the blood vessels around the testicle widen.
  • You’ve got a bite-sized cyst. It is a cyst that sits between the testicle and the bite. Such a cyst is also called spermatocele.
  • You may have been infected with testicular inflammation or testicular inflammation.

Symptoms of the swollen scrotum

Every bag looks different. Often the left half is slightly larger than the right. In addition to the scrotum is swollen, you can also feel a weight and feel discomfort from the scrotum. The left side of the scrotum is more swollen if you have varicose veins. 

When and where should I seek care?

If a   scrotum gets bigger or if you get sore, contact a health care provider. Then you need to be examined by a doctor.

When it is in a hurry

Seek medical care directly at a health center or on-call clinic if you suddenly get very sore or very swollen in your scrotum and it does not go away within minutes, or if the pain comes and goes. 

Treatment of swollen scrotum

The treatment of swollen scrotum you need depends on what causes the swelling.

water Hernia

Water rupture is harmless and usually does not cause any problems. It usually does not need to be treated. In children, it sometimes grows away by itself. Water rupture may need surgery if it causes discomfort.


A cystic cyst is harmless and usually does not cause any problems. It usually does not need to be treated.

Groin hernia that has penetrated into the scrotum

Groin hernia does not disappear by itself but must be operated on. While waiting for surgery, you can relieve the hassle of prescription painkillers. You can also relieve the trouble with a hernia band. A hernia band is a bandage that holds the hernia back into the abdominal wall.

Varicose veins in the scrotum

Varicose veins in the scrotum mean that the blood vessels around the testicle widen. It usually does not cause any problems and does not need surgery. But in young people, scuffles can cause the testicles to not grow properly, and then it is usually operated on. Occasionally, varicose veins in the scrotum can degrade sperm quality and make it difficult to have children, and then it is usually operated on. You usually leave the hospital the same day. For some, sperm quality becomes better after surgery.

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