Varicose veins in the legs

There are blood vessels in the body, so-called veins, that lead the blood back to the heart. In the legs, it is mainly the leg muscles that pump back the blood, for example when walking. Inside the veins of the legs are flaps, which act as valves for the blood to flow smoothly back to the heart. If a vein becomes very enlarged and winding, due to leaky flaps, it is called varicose veins.

Pulmonary artery inflammation – temporal artery

Temporal artery is called inflammation in one’s temporal pulmonary veins and sometimes in the branches that go to the eye. If you get treatment quickly you will be perfectly well, but if the inflammation is not treated you may lose sight of that eye.

Blood clot in the lung

Blood that has solidified can form a so-called blood clot. Blood clots in the bone or other parts of the body can sometimes accompany the blood to the lung. There, the blood clot may get stuck and hinder the blood flow. Blood clots in the lungs can in some cases be life-threatening and must therefore always be treated as soon as possible.

Blood clot in the leg

A blood clot is because the blood lives and forms a blood clot in a blood vessel. It then becomes more difficult for the blood to pass. Blood clots in the bones that come off can accompany the blood and get stuck in the lungs. A plug that is detected and treated early is usually not dangerous. However, if it gets bigger, it can seriously hamper blood circulation.