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Alphabetical list of medicines staring with letter o


Oyavas – Bevacizumab uses, dose and side effects

Oyavas contains the active substance bevacizumab, which is a humanized monoclonal antibody (a type of protein normally produced by the immune system to help protect the body against infections and cancer). Bevacizumab selectively binds to a protein called VEGF ( human vascular endothelial growth factor), which is found inside the body's blood and lymph vessels. VEGF protein causes blood vessels to grow in tumors and these blood vessels supply the tumor with nutrients and oxygen. When bevacizumab is bound to VEGF, the growth of the tumor is prevented by blocking the growth of the blood vessels that supply the tumorone


Oxascand – Oxazepam uses, dose and side effects

Oxascand contains the active substance oxazepam and belongs to a group of medicines called benzodiazepines . These work by enhancing the effect of a suppressant ( GABA ) in the brain. As a result, Oxascand has a calming, anxiety-suppressing and muscle-relaxing effect.


Oxaliplatin Teva – Oxaliplatin uses, dose and side effects

5 mg / ml concentrate for solution for infusionoxaliplatin What Oxaliplatin Teva is and what it is used for The active substance in Oxaliplatin Teva is oxaliplatin. Oxaliplatin is used to treat colon cancer (treatment of stage III colon cancer after complete removal of the primary tumor or metastatic colon cancer). Oxaliplatin is used in combination with other anticancer medicines, called […]