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Radiation therapy is a common treatment for many different forms of cancer. The treatment can be used to remove a cancerous tumor, to slow down the disease or relieve symptoms. It does not hurt to get radiotherapy but it can cause side effects.

CancerDiseasesFacts about cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a collective name for many different diseases that can occur in different parts of the body. Cancer diseases have different symptoms, different prognoses, and are treated in different ways. They have one thing in common: They arise because one or more cells change and develop into cancer cells.

CancerDiseasesFacts about cancer

Tumors and other growths

Tumor means lump. Tumors can sometimes be caused by cancer, but most tumors are not cancerous. There are also many other types of growths that can be obtained on the body and in the body. Most people can have and still feel good.

CancerDiseasesFacts about cancer

Hereditary cancer

Some people have an inherited increased risk of getting cancer. This means that the risk is innate. It is unusual, and everyone who has an inherited risk does not get sick. An investigation can show if there is a risk of hereditary cancer. Then it is often possible to get help to reduce that risk.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

There are different types of ovarian cancer. This is because the ovaries are made up of many different types of cells and tissues. Most people who get ovarian cancer are 60 to 70 years old. The risk of contracting the disease is greater if a genetic relative has had it.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Bladder cancer

Urinary bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers. Treatment can vary widely between people, depending on how the disease develops. Sometimes a larger operation is needed that affects you more. Then, among other things, the bladder is removed. However, most people can continue to live about as usual.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Small Intestine Cancer

There are several different types of cancer tumors that you can get in the small intestine. Many people who get a cancer tumor in the small intestine get rid of it, or can receive treatment that makes it possible to live a good life despite the disease. Small bowel cancer is unusual. Most people who get the disease are around 60 years of age.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Thyroid cancer

The thyroid gland sits on the front of the throat and produces hormones that control metabolism, among other things. The most common sign of thyroid cancer is a lump on the front of the neck. The chance to recover after treatment is very good for most people.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Disc epithelial cancer – skin cancer

Disc epithelial cancer is a form of skin cancer that is usually due to the fact that you have been in the sun a lot, without having to burn yourself. Disc epithelial cancer is becoming more common, but most people who get the disease get rid of it after treatment.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer


Sarcoma is the collective name for about 50 different cancers. Common to the diseases is that they occur somewhere in the support tissues of the body. Examples of supporting tissues are fat, connective tissue, muscles, vessels and skeletons. Sarcoma is a fairly rare disease.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Penis Cancer

Penile cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that men can get in the genitals or the urinary tract. Most people who get penis cancer are over 60 years old. Penile cancer does not infect and is not hereditary.

CancerDiseasesTypes of Cancer

Neuroendocrine Tumors, NET

Neuroendocrine tumors are cancerous tumors that may be present in the gastrointestinal tract or in the lungs. Many people who get a neuroendocrine tumor get rid of it, or can live a good life long despite the disease. Most people who get neuroendocrine tumors are about 60 years old. The disease is unusual.