Water hernia is a fluid-filled bulge around the testicle in the scrotum. It usually does not cause any problems, is harmless, and usually disappears as the child gets older.

Water rupture is usually present at birth. The scrotum is swollen and you usually get information that it is a water hernia.

Symptoms of water rupture in children

The most common symptom of water rupture in children is that the scrotum is swollen. The hernia can either be around one testicle or around both testicles. It can be as small as olive or as large as a plum.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a child care center or child care center, BVC, if the child’s purse becomes swollen and it was not at birth.


The doctor examines the scrotum by shining through the swelling with a flashlight. The liquid in the water fraction is translucent and the light of the lamp is visible through the liquid.

You should understand the information

In order for you to be involved in care and treatment, it is important that you understand the information you receive from the healthcare staff. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Children should also be involved in their care. The older the child, the more important it is.

Treatment of water rupture in children

Water rupture is harmless and usually does not need treatment. The hernia decreases during the child’s first year of life to finally disappear completely. It is very uncommon but sometimes the water rupture does not disappear, then the child may need surgery.

What happens in the body

Fractures can be formed if what protects the body’s interior, such as muscles, connective tissue, and tendons, has become weak in one place. Then the body’s soft tissues or fluid can bulge and form a larger or smaller bulge, a hernia. The hernia may contain intestine, fat, or fluid. If children get hernias are most often umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, and water hernia. In groin hernia and umbilical hernia, it is usually a piece of intestine that can bulge while water hernia contains only fluid.

Water hernia is also sometimes called purse hernia.  In healthcare, water hernia is also called a hydrocele.

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