Binge eating disorder

You can have hot eating disorder if you eat frequently and regularly without being able to control you, and get large amounts of food in a short time. Afterwards you will experience guilt and shame. Hot-eating disorder can lead to physical and mental illness if left untreated. Most people who receive treatment become healthy.

Being close to someone who has an eating disorder

It is common to get worried or upset if you are told that someone you care about has an eating disorder. There is much you can do to help the person. You can ask questions, listen and show that you care and help seek help. To be a good support you need to take care of yourself.

Anxiety and phobias in children and teenagers

It is common for children and teenagers to feel worry and fear. It is not dangerous to feel strong emotions, and it goes over. But if the fear does not go over and affect how the child or teen works in everyday life it can be an anxiety disorder. Then they may need treatment.