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Alphabetical list of medicines staring with letter R


Roflumilast Accord – Roflumilast uses, dose and side effects

Roflumilast Accord contains the active substance roflumilast which is an anti-inflammatory agent called phosphodiesterase ‑4 ‑ inhibitor. Roflumilast reduces the activity of phosphodiesterase ‑4, a protein that occurs naturally in the body's cells. When the activity of this protein is reduced, inflammation in the lungs decreases. This helps to stop the narrowing of the airways that occurs in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Roflumilast Accord thus relieves breathing problems.


Roclanda – Latanoprost and netarsudil uses, dose and side effects

Roclanda contains the active substances latanoprost and netarsudil. Latanoprost belongs to a group of medicines called prostaglandin analogues . Netarsudil belongs to a group of medicines called Rho-kinase inhibitors. They work in different ways to reduce the amount of fluid in the eyes and thus lower the pressure.


Rocephalin with lidocaine – Ceftriaxone and lidocaine hydrochloride uses, dose

Rocephalin with lidocaine is an antibiotic given to adults and children (including newborns). It works by killing bacteria that cause you infection . It belongs to a group of medicines called cephalosporins . Rocephalin with lidocaine is given as an injection into the muscle in a solution containing lidocaine , which reduces the pain that an injection can cause.


RoActemra – Tocilizumab uses, dose and side effects

RoActemra contains the active substance tocilizumab, which is a protein produced from specific immune cells (monoclonal antibody ) that inhibits the effect of a specific protein ( cytokine ) called interleukin -6. This protein participates in inflammatory processes in the body and by inhibiting the protein , inflammation can be reduced in your body. RoActemra is used to treat: