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Here you can read more about diseases and disorders that have to do with the nerves.

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Tics Disease

If you have tics, it is because you have difficulty controlling and holding back certain movements or sounds. Tics are most common in school-aged children, but also occur in adults. Tics usually go by themselves, usually within a year.

Brain and nervesNerves

Spina Bifida

Spinal cord fracture is a congenital injury to the spinal cord that often leads to physical disability. To reduce the risk of babies being born with spinal cord hernia, women who want to become pregnant take vitamin B folic acid. If you have spinal cord fractures you can live a good life, but it is important to get the right help and support right from the start.

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Polyneuropathy, a disease of several nerves

Polyneuropathy is a disease of several of the body's nerves. It usually begins in the nerves of the legs and gradually leads to a worse feeling in the feet and harder to walk. Eventually, the trouble may move up the lower leg. Even if you do not get rid of the disease, the symptoms can be relieved with the right treatment.

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Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson's disease is a chronic neurological disease. The first symptoms usually come after age 55. The symptoms may come earlier, but it is less common. You may not recover from the disease, but there are various treatments and medications that can reduce the hassle.

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Multiple sclerosis – MS

Multiple sclerosis, MS, is a disease of the central nervous system, that is, the brain and spinal cord. If you have MS, inflammation and scars occur on the nerve fibers and this means that impulses do not appear as they should. There is no treatment to cure the disease, but drugs can slow the course of the disease and relieve the problems.

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Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is shortened CJD, attacks the brain and causes dementia. Today it is not possible to cure Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which quickly leads to death. The treatment is aimed at relieving the symptoms. Due to the rapid course of the illness, those who have become ill professional nursing need soon after the illness.

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Cerebral Palsy – CP

In cerebral palsy, which is shortened CP, the ability to move is affected. CP is because the brain has suffered an injury sometime before the age of two, either before birth, during childbirth or later. The hassles that CP gives are still alive. Treatment and exercise can relieve the symptoms. They can also be relieved by growing and developing.

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Facial Paralysis

In facial paralysis, the nerve that goes to the muscles of the face has been affected or damaged. Occasionally, a viral infection or measles can cause paralysis of the face, but usually the cause is unclear. For the most part, facial paralysis goes away after a while.

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ALS is a paralysis that breaks down the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that activate the willpowered muscles. The cause is not known and the disease cannot be cured, but some of the problems can be treated.