Crystal sickness

Crystal sickness, benign position dizziness, is a common form of dizziness caused by the release of small lime crystals in the inner ear. You feel very dizzy, as if you have gone carousel, when you turn your head in certain ways. Crystal sickness does not infect and often goes away by itself, but sometimes you may need treatment.

Nasal Polyps

A nasal polyp comes from the mucous membrane of the nose and looks like a small stalk or bud. You can usually not see if you have nasal polyps yourself because they sit far into the nose. Small polyps usually do not cause any symptoms at all, but if the polyps become larger you can have problems especially with nasal congestion.

Open angle glaucoma, green cataract

Open-angle glaucoma is an eye disease that causes the optic nerve in the eye to disappear. Increased pressure inside the eye causes retinal damage. The injuries provide a slowly shrinking field of view and without treatment you can become blind. If you have open-angle glaucoma, you will receive treatment and be allowed to go out on life controls.