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List of medicines starting with letter G


Grepid – Clopidogrel uses, dose and side effects

Grepid contains clopidogrel and belongs to a group of medicines called antiplatelet agents. Platelets are very small cells in the blood, which form clots when the blood coagulates (clots). By preventing this clot formation, platelet inhibitors reduce the risk of blood clots forming (a process called thrombosis or blood clot formation).


Grazax – Allergen, timotejpollen uses, dose and side effects

Grazax contains allergenic extracts of grass pollen. Grazax is used to treat hay fever ( rhinitis ) and eye inflammation ( conjunctivitis ) caused by grass pollen allergy in adults and children from five years of age. Grazax affects allergic disease by increasing the immune system's tolerance to grass pollen.


Glytrin – Glyceryl trinitrate uses, dose and side effects

Glytrin is a sublingual spray (to be used under the tongue) that contains the active substance glyceryl trinitrate. Glyceryl trinitrate belongs to a group of medicines called nitrates. These drugs relax the muscle walls in the blood vessels so that the workload of the heart is reduced.


Glycopyrronium Bromide Accord – Glycopyrronium uses, dose and side effects

Glycopyrronium bromide belongs to a group of medicines called anticholinergics. The purpose is to wipe up the secretions in the mouth and airways and to reduce the acid in the stomach before surgery. It is also used to block some of the side effects that may occur during surgery or from other drugs that may be used, e.g. to reduce heart rate or heavy saliva production.