When children faint

Fainting means being unconscious for a short while. It is quite common for children to faint, especially at school age. For example, a child may faint if they rise quickly so that blood pressure drops. Another reason may be that the child experiences a strong feeling. Usually it is completely harmless to faint, but sometimes it can be due to some illness.

Fever cramps in children

Some children who have a fever get fever cramps. It often looks dramatic but is usually not harmful. Usually, children happen between six months and five years of age. Most children who get a fever only get it once, but some children can get it on several occasions. It is unusual for children with fever cramps to suffer in the future.


If you have epilepsy, some of the brain’s nerve cells are overactive, which can cause various types of seizures. Epileptic seizures can be very different for different people, but in one and the same individual, the seizures are usually the same every time. Between the attacks there is nothing to show that you are ill. If you suffer from major epilepsy, you may need medication to prevent seizures.