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Here you can read more about how cancer occurs, about symptoms and about non-cancerous tumors

CancerDiseasesFacts about cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a collective name for many different diseases that can occur in different parts of the body. Cancer diseases have different symptoms, different prognoses, and are treated in different ways. They have one thing in common: They arise because one or more cells change and develop into cancer cells.

CancerDiseasesFacts about cancer

Tumors and other growths

Tumor means lump. Tumors can sometimes be caused by cancer, but most tumors are not cancerous. There are also many other types of growths that can be obtained on the body and in the body. Most people can have and still feel good.

CancerDiseasesFacts about cancer

Hereditary cancer

Some people have an inherited increased risk of getting cancer. This means that the risk is innate. It is unusual, and everyone who has an inherited risk does not get sick. An investigation can show if there is a risk of hereditary cancer. Then it is often possible to get help to reduce that risk.