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How to live routine life while having cancer.

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Help With Cancer Thoughts And Feelings

For many, cancer means an above-mentioned situation with many feelings and thoughts. Most people find ways to deal with them, either by themselves or with support from the surroundings. Sometimes it is not possible. Then there is support and help to get.How can cancer affect my thoughts and feelings?

CancerDiseasesLiving with cancer

Physical Activity and Physical Therapy in Cancer

It is common for you to move less and want to rest more if you have cancer and go through different treatments. You may need to rest sometimes, but you are often better off trying to move on yourself and also enjoy exercising. Avoid too much sedentary sitting. The body works better, you get stronger, get better balance and more energy.

CancerDiseasesLiving with cancer

Cancer and Sexuality

Cancer can affect your sexuality in different ways. Thoughts and feelings or side effects of treatment can change how you feel comfortable with yourself or with others. You may also find it more difficult to have sex in the same way as before. Often it is possible to strengthen the sexuality, the desire and the ability to have sex.

CancerDiseasesLiving with cancer

Getting a Cancer Message

Every day, thousands people in the world receive a cancer message. No matter how it goes, the message and the upcoming treatment means that life is changing, both for you who are ill and for those around you. This text is about how you can handle the reactions and questions that may arise after a sick message.