Bacterial inflammation is uncommon, but if you do, you may need treatment quickly. Usually you are treated with antibiotics.

It is unusual, but that it hurts the scrotum may be because the testicle has twisted. Testicular twisting  happens more often in younger people than in adults.

Symptoms of bacterial inflammation

It is common for you to have one or more of the following symptoms of bacterial inflammation:

  • One half of the scrotum swells and hurts.
  • You feel really sick.
  • You get a fever .
  • You need to pee more often than usual
  • You may feel it burning as you pee
  • You may be sore between the penis and the rectum.

What can I do for myself?

You can protect yourself from bite-inflammatory inflammation by using a  condom  at the slit joint.

When should I seek care?

Contact a health care center if you get a swelling or tenderness in the scrotum that comes gradually, or has other symptoms of acne inflammation. You can contact many receptions by  logging in.

If it’s in a hurry

Seek treatment of bacterial inflammation directly at a health care center  or emergency room if you suddenly get a sore throat and it does not go away within minutes. In that case, there may be symptoms of  testicular torsion.


The doctor will check if the soreness and swelling are in the testicles or bites. It does them by feeling the scrotum.

Test to exclude other diseases

You are usually given tests that answer if you have  gonorrhea ,  chlamydia  or  urinary tract infection . These are diseases that can lead to testicular inflammation.

Some samples give answers directly, while other samples may need to be sent to a laboratory. You usually get a response from the doctor within a week.

Blood test to measure the dip

You may also be given a  blood test to measure the CRP value . That test is also called a quick sink. The test shows if you have an inflammation. The test response usually takes a few minutes.

You may need to make an ultrasound

You may need to be examined with  ultrasound , for example, if the doctor has difficulty determining whether the pain is due to an inflammation of the bite, or something else.

You will then receive a  referral  to an X-ray doctor.

You should be able to understand the information

In order for you to be able to participate in your care and make decisions, it is important that you understand the information you receive from the healthcare staff. Ask questions if you don’t understand. You can also ask to have the information printed so that you can read it peacefully.

You may have the right to get help from an interpreter if you have a hearing loss.

Treatment of bacterial inflammation

If the inflammation is due to a virus, there is no treatment. The inflammation can then heal itself. There are such things as relief. You can try using a suspension, it can help if the scrotum aches and weights

Treatment of bacterial inflammation with antibiotics

Bacterial inflammation is almost always caused by bacteria and treated with antibiotics . You can also get painkillers.

You usually take antibiotics for two to three weeks. Most people usually feel better after three days. But it is important not to stop taking antibiotics, even if the symptoms disappear.

You may become very ill if the inflammation has started with a urinary tract infection. Then you may initially need hospital care for a few days and get antibiotics directly into your bloodstream. 

Re-visit after a couple of weeks

You may come back again after a few weeks. Then the doctor examines that the inflammation has healed properly. Often the scrotum is less swollen and then you do not need to come back for more examinations. Sometimes the bite can be a little swollen and sore for a long time after inflammation. You can buy prescription pain medication  at the pharmacy.

What happens in the body?

Bitstick inflammation is an inflammation of one or both bites. The bite particles are on top of the testicles in the scrotum. The testes produce sperm, which then matures in the bites. Inflammation of a bite sticle is usually due to the spread of bacteria from the urinary tract.

Common causes that lead to bite particle inflammation are:

  • urinary infection 
  • chlamydia .

Unusual causes that lead to bite-particle inflammation are:

  • gonorrhea
  • TBC
  • sponge
  • virus.

The older you are, the greater the likelihood that inflammation is due to urinary tract infection. This is because it is common for the prostate to become enlarged. Then you may have difficulty emptying the bladder completely when you are peeing. When the bladder is not completely emptied, bacteria can remain in the urine that remains.

The younger you are, the more common it is that inflammation is due to the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia, which spreads from the urethra to the bite.

Order chlamydia test online

Since you can have chlamydia without having any symptoms, it is always good to test yourself if you suspect or are worried about having got the disease. In most county councils you can order a chlamydia test online .

Side effects and sequelae

Bacterial inflammation rarely leads to any complications if you receive treatment on time.

Bacterial inflammation that is not treated can cause you to get testicular inflammation . This, in turn, can cause you to become sterile if you do not receive treatment.

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