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Here you can read more about diseases of the blood, for example about different types of anemia and hemorrhage.

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Anemia means you have too little red blood cells in your blood. The red blood cells are needed for the body's various organs to get enough oxygen. Anemia can cause you to become tired, dizzy and have a headache. Often it is possible to recover the amount of red blood cells with the help of drugs.

Blood DiseasesDiseasesHeart, blood and lymph nodes

Anemia due to too low iron

Anemia due to too little iron is common and can make you feel tired and powerless. The most common cause of anemia is that you have lost blood. For example, it can be during menstruation or if you have a stomach or intestinal disease that causes bleeding. It may also be because you cannot absorb iron from the food.

Blood DiseasesDiseasesHeart, blood and lymph nodes


Hemorrhagic disease is really a group of diseases. Hemorrhage means that you start bleeding more easily and that you can bleed longer than a person who does not have hemorrhagic disease. This is because the blood lacks one or more substances needed for it to live. Hemorrhagic disease is usually a hereditary disease.