The fact that children who have not reached puberty get hurt in the scrotum is unusual but sometimes happens. If a child gets sore in the scrotum, it is important to seek care right away because it is very difficult to know what is causing the pain. Some problems need surgery immediately.

The reason why a child who has not reached puberty gets sore in the scrotum is usually one of the following:

  • The testicle or appendage of the testicle has twisted.
  • Squeezed groin hernia.
  • Infection of the skin.

It may also be an inflammation of the bite, but it is very uncommon in children who have not yet reached puberty.

When the testicle or appendage of the testicle has twisted

The testicle sometimes has a small appendage that can twist and cause pain in the scrotum, but it is not dangerous. The pain goes away in a few days.

Another cause of the pain is that the testicles have twisted. It hurts a lot. The testicular twist is rare. It can happen at any age but most commonly happens during infancy or around puberty.

Symptoms of testicular torsion

If it is the appendage of the testicle that has twisted, the only symptom is that it hurts the scrotum. 

Common symptoms of testicular torsion are one or more of the following:

  • The baby suddenly aches in the scrotum or lower abdomen on either the right or left side.  
  • The child becomes pale and affected, for example, that they become tired and do not want to do things that they usually like.
  • The scrotum becomes swollen and red.
  • A testicle becomes sore.

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Squeezed groin hernia

A child who has groin hernia can get a small bowel in the hernia. A squeezed groin hernia is when the bowel is trapped in the hernia and cannot be pushed back.

Symptoms of squeezed groin hernia

Common symptoms of squeezed groin fracture are one or more of the following:

  • The child has pain in the stomach, groin, or scrotum.
  • The scrotum or groin becomes red, tense, swollen, and tender.
  • The child looks pale and can sometimes vomit. 

Infection of the skin around the scrotum

Young children can sometimes get an infection in the skin around the scrotum. The infection is usually due to the baby having a small crack in the mucous membrane of the rectum. The crack allows the bacteria to spread in the skin from the rectum to the scrotum. Because the skin in the scrotum is so thin, the swelling can be severe.

Symptoms of infection of the skin around the scrotum

  • The scrotum and the skin around it become swollen, red, and tender.

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When and where should I seek care?

If a child has a lump or bulge in the skin of the groin region but has no problems, contact a child care center or care center. You can contact most receptions by logging in.

When it is in a hurry

  • Seek medical care directly at a health center, an on-call clinic, or an emergency room if a child has a scrotum or swollen scrotum and aches in the lower abdomen on either the right or left side.
    Emergency operation may be needed so that the testicle is not damaged during testicular rotation, or the intestine should not be damaged by a squeezed hernia. An operation should be done within a few hours.
  • Seek medical care directly at a   health center,  an on-call clinic, or emergency room if a child has a severe stomach, groin, or scrotum. 

Influence and participate in your care

In order for you to be involved in your care and treatment, it is important that you understand the information you receive from the healthcare staff. Ask questions if you don’t understand. For example, you should receive information about treatment options and how long you may have to wait for care and treatment.

Children should also be involved in their care. The older the child, the more important it is.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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