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Alphabetical list of medicines staring with letter N


Nyvepria – Pegfilgrastim uses, dose and side effects

Nyvepria contains the active substance pegfilgrastim. It is used in patients treated with cytotoxic chemotherapy (drugs that destroy fast-growing cells) to reduce the duration of neutropenia (low neutrophil count , a type of white blood cell ) and to prevent febrile neutropenia (low white blood cell count with concomitant fever) . Nyvepria is intended for adults from the age of 18.


NuvaRing – Etonogestrel / Ethinylestradiol uses, dose and side effects

NuvaRing is a contraceptive in the form of a vaginal ring that is used to prevent pregnancy. Each ring contains a small amount of two female sex hormones, etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol. The ring slowly releases these hormones into the bloodstream. Due to the small amounts of hormones that are released, NuvaRing is considered a low-dose hormonal contraceptive. Because NuvaRing releases two different types of hormones , it is a so-called combined hormonal contraceptive.


NutropinAq – Somatropin uses, dose and side effects

NutropinAq contains somatropin which is a recombinant growth hormone that is similar to the human natural growth hormone that the body produces. By recombinant is meant that it is made outside the body through a special process. Growth hormone is a chemical messenger that is produced in a small gland in the brain called the pituitary gland . In children, it tells the body to grow, helps the skeleton to develop normally and later in adulthood, the growth hormone helps maintain a normal physique and metabolism .