Sudden pain in the scrotum may be due to a testicle twisting. Then the blood supply to the testicle deteriorates and in the worst case, it ceases completely. Rapid treatment is required to prevent damage to the testicle.

Testicular twitching is most common in puberty but also occurs in young children and adults. Among young children, it is most common in the weeks before and after birth.

Symptoms of testicular torsion

In the case of testicular torsion, you may have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You suddenly get sore in your scrotum.
  • The scrotum turns red.
  • The testicle is tender and swollen when you feel it.
  • You’re feeling bad.

Sometimes it hurts too and fro. It can also feel like a discomfort in the scrotum.

When and where should I seek care?

If you think you have testicular torsion, contact a health care center or an on-call clinic immediately. If closed, seek care at an emergency room.


The doctor checks the testicle with his hand. An ultrasound examination is sometimes performed. You may also have blood and urine tests.

You should understand the information you receive

In order to be able to participate in your care and make decisions, it is important that you understand the information you receive from the healthcare staff. Ask questions if you don’t understand. You can also ask to have the information printed to read it peacefully. Children should also be involved in their care. The older the child, the more important it is.

Treatment of testicular torsion

You will be operated on if the doctor suspects it is a testicular twist. First, you will be stunned. Then the doctor makes an incision in the scrotum and examines the testicle and blood vessels. The doctor turns back the testicle that has twisted. They then attach the testicle so that it does not twist again. 

After the surgery

After the surgery, you should avoid physical activity and sex for a few weeks while the wounds heal. You may need to take pain tablets in the first few days after surgery.

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