Antimetabolites Chemotherapy Treatment

Antimetabolites Chemotherapy Treatment

Talking about antimetabolites, it is a chemical, which inhibits the cancerous cells and tumor. Antimetabolites chemotherapy treatment is an effective chemotherapy treatment and in this treatment doctor uses such drugs, which are antimetabolites. These drugs are Chemicals and these chemicals inhibit the cancerous cells and tumor.

Once an Antimetabolite chemical or substance is present in the cancerous cells then the cancer cells cannot grow in their presence. These chemical prohibits the growth of cancerous cells and tumor. In the presence of these substances, cancerous cells cannot grow. This is the purpose of using Antimetabolites drugs.  These drugs can cure leukemia, breast cancer ovarian cancer, and gastrointestinal tract.

This type of chemotherapy is around since long and it is effective in treating the cancer patients. Doctors administer this type of chemotherapy before or after surgery and they do that to make sure that the growth of cancerous cells stop at some point. If the cancerous cells wont grow then the patient will have more chances of survival. 

Antimetabolites definition

This Antimetabolites chemo is a type of chemotherapy in which doctors use such drugs which alters the natural substance of cancerous cell.

How Antimetabolites work?

Cancerous cells need natural substances as nutrition to survive inside the human body. One way to find and kill the cancerous cells is by using antimetabolites drugs in chemotherapy. These drugs alter the natural substances of cancerous cells. Once the substance in cancerous cell altars, this means that the cell becomes unable to divide. Antimetabolites drugs prevent the cancerous cells to divide by incorporating the change in the cell mechanism.

n chemotherapy antimetabolites chemo is the most effective treatment and there are cases when by using this treatment the cancer patients survive. Chemotherapy is an amazing and effective treatment for the cancer patients but it does pose certain threats to patients who are going to chemotherapy of any kind. Patients who are going through chemo may lose either few or all of their hairs. Antimetabolites chemotherapy side effects include nausea, vomiting drowsiness itching tingling of nerves and nerve damage

Despite of the fact that antimetabolites chemo has Side Affects doctors use it to treat the cancer patients. These drugs are very beneficial for the cancer patients because they make sure that they alter the natural substances of cancerous cells. These way cancer patients find relief from the growth of cancerous cells.

  • Folic acid antagonist: Methotrexate.
  • Pyrimidine antagonist:  5-Fluorouracil, Foxuridine, Cytarabine, Capacitation, and Gemcitabine.
  • Purine antagonist: 6-Mercaptopurine and 6-Thioguanine.
  • Adenosine deaminase inhibitor: Cladribine, Fludarabine, Nelarabine and Pentostatin.

These are the chemotherapy antimetabolites drugs, which doctors use to treat the cancer patients. These drugs have the ability to disturb the nutrition of cancerous cells. These drugs prevent the cancer cells from dividing. Make sure that you visit your doctor if you feel that you are having the symptoms, which are related to the heinous disease, cancer. Cancer is a serious disease and you can only make sure that you are safe from it is by having regular check-up from your doctor.

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