Motion Sickness


The first signs that you are getting sick can be that you are yawning, getting tired and pale. Then you may feel sick and vomit. You can relieve the hassle of prescription drugs.

Some people are particularly susceptible to changes in movement and therefore become more easily sick than others. Mental illness is most common in children between the ages of two and ten. For most, the sensitivity of adulthood decreases.

Then you can relieve motion sickness

These tips help most people:

  • Try to be rested before the trip.
  • Stop and take breaks from the ride if possible. Fresh air can make you feel better.
  • Avoid eating large meals just before or during the trip. During the journey, it is good to eat a little and often.
  • For bus trips, it is good to sit at the front. Often, the hassles are alleviated or disappeared if you are in the direction of travel.
  • Try to fix your gaze on the road or horizon. However, reading and looking at books during the trip can aggravate nausea.
  • For boat trips, it is best to sit in the middle of the boat, where it swings the least. Some people think it feels better to sit at the front and look. The best thing is to be outdoors.
  • Choose a place near the center aisle if you are traveling by express train. Then the heels feel smaller and the risk of motion sickness decreases.
  • Nausea can decrease if you lie down, relax and close your eyes. It usually gets better if you sleep. Then the balance organs become less affected and you do not feel the changes in motion as much.

Prescription-free drugs

There are non-prescription medicines for motion sickness that you can buy at a pharmacy. Among other things, they reduce the sensitivity to movement changes. This reduces the risk of nausea. You should take the medicines for a while before you start the journey. Read carefully the instructions in the package for how to take the medicines and for what ages they apply.

It may be good to know that the drugs impair the ability to react and that it is common to become drowsy. 

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