Distinction and double-vision in adults


Strabismus means that the eyes are directed in different directions. Then you can have vision problems and get tired of your eyes. You can also see double or hurt your head. If you have problems with a scab, you may need to wear special glasses. Sometimes an operation may be needed.

Hidden discernment means that you only divide sometimes, for example when you are tired. Many who divorced have received the distinction as children. Here you can read more about children with divination and double vision.

Double-end can sometimes be due to scab. But it may also be due to cataracts or the need to change your glasses.

What is squinting?

A distinction is because the muscles that control the movement of the eyes do not cooperate properly. The distinction often appears as one eye pointing inward, outward, upward or downward in relation to the other eye. Occasionally, scabies can alternate between the eyes.

When parting, the brain sees two images

When the eyes look next to each other, instead of together, the brain can sometimes see two images. You can then see double and lose the depth of vision. Then you can also find it difficult to judge the distance.

The scab can be seen all the time or be hidden

A discernment that is constantly visible is called a manifesto. A hidden discernment is not visible all the time but can sometimes be noticed, for example when you get tired. Manifest and hidden divisions can be both congenital or developed during childhood or as an adult.

New-age spotting in adults

You can see doubly if you have a manifest divide that has not existed since you were a child. New-age divisions in adults can have several causes. For example, it may be due to one of the following:

  • The divide has been hidden since you were a child and you only notice when you are an adult. This can happen when the eye muscles become tired of, for example, reading for a long time on a mobile screen or a computer screen.
  • Your eye muscles have been damaged or paralyzed. Paralysis is often due to the fact that a nerve that goes to the eye muscles has had poorer blood circulation. Other causes of paralysis may be a stroke, inflammation, and tumors of the eye muscles or nerves that go to the eye muscles, but this is unusual. Then you almost always have other symptoms as well.

Hidden discord is only noticeable at times

When you have hidden strabismus, your eyes are directed in the same direction with some effort. When you get tired or sick, your eyes may need to relax. Then the eyes can slide apart and the squint is visible. You have probably had the distinction since you were a child without having noticed it.

You can get tired in the eyes of straining your eyes this way. You can also get headaches and see double as the eyes slide apart.

What is a double vision?

Double vision may be due to squinting, hidden squinting or any vision problem, such as stares.

Why do I see double?

When the vision works as it should, a picture is created on the right and left of the retina. The images are sent from each retina to the brain’s visual center. There they merge into a common image.

When an eye discerns, the image that one eye sends to the vision center is different from the image the other eye sends. The images cannot merge into a common image. Therefore you see double. Double-vision due to squint disappears if you cover for one eye.

Seeing double can be a sign of schism

You will often see double if you have a new manifest manifestation. You can also experience the ambiguity of hidden divisions. Then it feels like the letters are jumping as you read. You can also get tired in the eyes or get headaches.

You may need to change your glasses

Sometimes double-vision can be because you have glasses that do not have the right strength. This kind of ambiguity does not depend on discernment.

Double-end may be due to cloudy lens

You can also see double if you have cloudiness in the lens of the eye, as with cataracts. Or if you have cloudiness in the cornea of ​​the eye. Then the light rays can be split so that you look double even when you look only with one eye. Then the ambiguity does not depend on squinting.

You can test yourself by keeping one eye at a time. Then you see if the ambiguity remains or disappears on one of the eyes.

The eye muscles may have been affected

Occasionally, double vision and squinting may be due to paralysis of the eye muscles, but this is unusual. Then you need to see a doctor who investigates the cause of the paralysis.

Symptoms of Distinction and double vision in adults

Strabismus can cause various symptoms of double vision. You may notice one or more of the following complaints:

  • You get tired of your eyes.
  • You see double, so-called double-ended.
  • You have a hard time judging distance.
  • You feel as if the letters are moving as you read.
  • You have a headache.

When and where should I seek care?

You do not need to seek treatment for discord unless you have trouble.

If you have any of the following problems, please contact an optician or an ophthalmologist:

  • You look double in one eye. When you cover the other eye, the double vision remains.
  • You suspect that your eye problems are due to a hidden discernment.
  • You see double sometimes.

When it is in a hurry

Immediately contact a health care center or on-call reception if you notice that an eye suddenly begins to split or you see double, and the trouble does not go over. This applies if the double vision disappears when you cover one eye.

If it is closed at the health center or on-call reception, seek care at an emergency room.

Seek immediate medical attention at the nearest on-call or emergency room if you have any of the following problems:

  • You notice that an eye suddenly begins to divide and you see twice at the same time that you are feeling bad, for example being dizzy or having a headache.
  • You notice that an eye suddenly begins to divide and you see twice as your pupils have become different sized, one eyelid hangs down or the eye has become swollen.

What can I do for myself?

You need the help of an ophthalmologist or an orthopedist if you see double all the time because of a manifest discrepancy. It is not possible to correct it on your own.

You can prevent and reduce common problems with concealed strabismus, such as headaches, eye fatigue, and temporary glare. You can try one of the following:

  • Wear glasses if you have vision defects. Then the vision is corrected which means that the hidden discernment does not appear as easily.
  • Keep the computer screen upright low, preferably just below eye level, so that the gaze is directed down slightly. This way you protect your eyes from getting dry and your eyes from feeling strained.
  • Rest your eyes sometimes with short breaks.

Good to think about

You who drive a car and have a double vision have limited opportunities to drive, according to the Driving License Act. This is true even if you cover one eye. An ophthalmologist should test your double vision to determine if you are allowed to drive or not.


There are several studies that can be done to find out why you care or look double. What examinations you are allowed to do depends on what symptoms of double vision you have and what causes the problems.

You can get a referral for eye surgery if needed

Who you get to meet can also be different. A doctor at the health care center or optician can refer you to an ophthalmologist or a neurologist for further examinations and investigations if needed.

In case of trouble coming quickly

You need to be examined by a doctor if you have any problems that come quickly. An initial examination where a doctor looks at whether the eyes can move in all directions can be done by, for example, a doctor at the health center, emergency room or eye emergency.

In case of complaints that have come for a long time

An optician or physician at the health center can examine your eyes when you have a problem that has been coming for a long time.

Eye Surgery Survey

You can see an ophthalmologist or an orthopedist at the eye clinic. An orthopedist is a specially trained ophthalmologist. You get to look in different directions as they examine the movement of your eyes. Then they can see how the eyes are directed in relation to each other. The survey does not hurt. Usually, no apparatus is needed for the doctor or orthopedist to see how your eye muscles work.

Investigation and checks

Sometimes the cause of the discrepancy and ambiguity may need to be further investigated. It may be if the binge is due to paralysis of one or more eye muscles. For example, if the paralysis is due to some disorder in the blood circulation if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

You may need X-ray

You may also need to do an X-ray if the eye muscle is paralyzed. Then the eye muscles and the nerve that goes to the muscles of the eye are x-rayed. The doctor who has examined you can send a referral to X-ray.

Treatment of distinction and double-vision in adults

Strabismus and bilingual vision can be treated in several different ways. The treatment of distinction and double vision you receive depends on what causes the trouble.

Special glasses can correct vision

Distinction and double vision can sometimes be corrected with so-called prism glasses. They are ground to help your eyes look at the same object at the same time.

Price glasses often work well if you have a hidden discernment. The glasses can make your eyes easier to relax without you having trouble with, for example, double vision.

Operation can help

Price glasses do not work if the scaling is large. Then you can often be helped by an operation. For some time you may need to cover one eye so as not to see double.

An ophthalmologist can operate your eye muscles if the scaling is large and you have problems that are not expected to be better by themselves. The operation causes the eyes to be redirected so that they look in the same direction.

You usually get anesthesia during the operation. You can usually go home the same day. The eye does not need to be covered after surgery. Sometimes it can hurt the eye afterward. You may come back for a visit to check the sight.

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