Types of Cancer Treatments

Types of Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a dangerous disease. With every passing day, things are changing in our world. This world was a safe place just a while ago but now due to climate changes Ozone Layer is depleting. The chlorofluorocarbons are creating havoc with the ozone layer. Due to the depletion of Ozone layer, sun rays are directly affecting the human beings. Sun-rays are one of the reasons of cancer. Most disease and this dangerous disease come in many forms this heinous. One can suffer from lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and Leukemia.

Cancer has many forms and all of these forms are horrible. If a patient is lucky then doctors catch this disease at the early stages. The early stages of Cancer, which are stage 1 and stage 2 are not that dangerous. If doctors catch the cancer at these stages then the patient does have a chance of survival.

On the other hand, there are other stages of cancer, which are stage 3 and stage 4. These stages of Cancer are dangerous. If doctors catch a patient in these stages then the patient has lesser chances of survival. As cancer is a dangerous disease so with its Inception different treatment methods also comes into the surface. There are different methods through which doctors try to treat the cancer patients. One method work well for one patient and the other method work well for another patient but there are methods nonetheless.

Methods to treat the cancer patients

Humanity is still alive. Scientists and doctors around the globe try their level best to find a cure for the dangerous disease, which is cancer. Over the course of years, doctors did find some treatment methods, which work best for cancer patients. There are methods now for the treatment of cancer patients. Now they have the chances of treatment and survival. These treatments affect different people differently but they are effective. There are few treatment methods for cancer patients and we are going to discuss them one by one.

Types of Cancer treatments

There are different types of cancer treatments, which are out there to cure the cancer patients. Not all the treatments work alike for all the patients. Some work well for some and some work well for some others.



Surgery is the most common and effective method of treating the cancer patients. When doctors perform surgery on a cancer patient they either remove or shrink the tumor, which is the result of cancerous cells. Cancerous cells tend to form tumors inside a human body because they grow so rapidly. Cancerous cells multiply so fast. Once they are there in human body they form the cancerous tumors in the affected areas.

Doctors perform surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from the human body.



Another treatment, which makes sure that there are more chances of Survival for the cancer patients, is Radiation therapy. It is the most common treatment for cancer. There are other names for radiotherapy, which are Radiation therapy, radiotherapy, irradiation, or x-ray.

In Radiation, therapy doctors use high-energy particles or waves. These waves can be X-rays, Gamma Rays or protons. Doctors make sure that these radiations either fight or destroy the cancerous cells inside human body. Radiation cause small breaks in the DNA of cancer cells and this way it helps prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Targeted Cancer Therapy

This is also one of the effective treatments for cancer patients. In this treatment, doctors use certain drugs to target the cancerous cells. This therapy works like chemotherapy but it is much more different from it. The difference between chemotherapy and targeted cancer therapy is that targeted cancer therapy does not affect normal cells along with the cancerous cells. Chemotherapy kills the normal cells along with the cancerous cells but this does not happen with targeted cancer therapy.

Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy Treatment

Out of all the treatments, which are available for Cancer patients, there is one treatment, which stands out. This treatment is chemotherapy. It is extensive but a very effective treatment for cancer patients. If the patient is lucky then doctors catch the cancer at the early stages but at the early stages of Cancer, chemotherapy is not necessary. Once the cancer progresses in human body then doctors recommend this type of cancer treatment for the cancer patients. Chemotherapy is drug therapy. In this treatment, doctors give certain drugs to the cancer patients to fight or kill the cancerous cells. The cells, which are cancerous in nature, are the notorious cells. They multiply very rapidly inside a human body. When doctors give chemotherapy drugs to the cancer patients then these drugs make sure that cancerous cells do not multiply. With the passage of time, chemotherapy even kills the cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy is an effective treatment and when cancer patients are using this treatment then he or she has more chances of survival.

Chemotherapy does not use a standard drug to treat the cancer patients. There are different typesof chemotherapy, which doctors use to treat the patients who are suffering from different forms of cancer. These types are five to six in numbers and they are very effective in treating the patients.

Types of Chemotherapy

  • Plant alkaloids
  • Antimetabolites
  • Hormone therapy
  • Alkylating agents
  • Arthracyclines
  • Vinca Alkaloids
  • Taxanes
  • Topoisomerase inhibitions

Doctors treat cancer by using any of the type of chemotherapy. The main purpose of these types of chemotherapy is to alter the cancerous cells. Like the normal cells, cancerous cells also follow a cycle. When doctors treat the cancer patient using these types of chemotherapy then they make sure that they use those drugs, which have the capacity to alter the cell mechanism of cancerous cells. The dilemma of cancerous cells are they multiply very fast but these types of chemotherapy drugs make sure that they don’t multiply at all. These drugs change the cell cycle of cancerous cells thus prevent them from going inside the human body.

Chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy for sure is an effective treatment to treat the cancer patients but people who go through chemotherapy do pay a price. Chemotherapy has certain side effects. The major chemotherapy side effect is that this treatment kills the normal cells along with the cancerous cells. Chemotherapy cannot differentiate between normal and cancerous cells and it ends up killing both. Because this treatment kills, the normal cells as well so there are chances that the cancer patient is going to get leukemia after going through the cancer treatment of chemotherapy.

The Other chemotherapy side-effects are extreme vomiting and nausea. Patients go through chemotherapy lose either few or all of their hairs. Patients who choose chemotherapy for their treatment also feel irritable for no reason. These patients can also experience abdominal pain, difficulty in blood clotting, diarrhoeaand few other symptoms. However, this treatment has many side effects but still it is the most effective treatment to treat the cancer patients. Chemotherapy has the potential to treat the patients even at stage 3 and stage 4. It is extensive but an effective treatment. People who choose this type of treatment for their cancer actually get more chances of survival.

Oral Chemotherapy

To see if the chemotherapy will suit the cancer patients or not sometimes doctor choose a method, which is oral chemotherapy. In this type of chemotherapy doctors give chemotherapy drugs to cancer patients and then they see how these patients respond to these drugs. If the patient does not get many side effects after going through oral chemotherapy then doctors treat that patient with the chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy is drug therapy in which patients take the chemo drugs like regular pills. Oral chemotherapy consists of different cycles and it is an effective treatment to treat the cancer patients.

n chemotherapy doctors give different drugs to patients. These drugs vary from patient to patient and they differ in types as well. As far as the cost of chemotherapy is concerned, it is an effective but expensive treatment of cancer. We all know that cancer is a dangerous disease. It takes a lot of technicality to treat the cancer patients. The drugs, which doctors use in chemotherapy, are expensive but they do treat the cancer patients. There are cases when doctors were able to cure the cancer patients even at stage 4 and stage 3 by using the treatment of chemotherapy. Without chemotherapy a cancer patient does not have many chances of survival. Regular check-up is the only way to make sure that your body is cancer free. Some forms of cancers are silent. There are cases when patients did not even know that they have cancer until it progresses to stage 3 and stage 4. You will never know if you have cancer or not at the early stages unless you visit your doctor regularly. A regular check-up is the only way to make sure that your body is not an Abode of cancerous cells. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Make your health your top priority.

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