Topoisomerase inhibitors for cancer patients

Topoisomerase inhibitors for cancer patients

Chemotherapy is drug therapy and there are different types of chemotherapy. These different types exist to treat different kind of cancers. It so happens that one type is better for one type of cancer and the other type is better for other type of cancer. Topoisomerase inhibitors are the type of chemotherapy, which is best to treat different cancers.

Topoisomerase inhibitors are the effective type of chemotherapy because they are that class of enzymes that have the potential to alter the supercoiling of double stranded DNA.  These inhibitors can make a change in the strands of a DNA by cutting one or both. For instance, Topoisomerase type1 cut one strand of DNA and Topoisomerase type cut both strands of DNA so relax the coil.

By making sure, that these inhibitors will alter the coiling of DNA doctors can make sure that they alter the experience or working of an abnormal cancer cell.

What are Topoisomerase inhibitors?

 These inhibitors is the type of chemotherapy this is very effective to treat the cancer patients. Topoisomerase inhibitors are chemical compounds and they block the action of Topoisomerase. That enzyme controls the changes in DNA structure. Once these inhibitors create a change in the DNA they make sure that, they stop the cancerous cells from growing.

There are different kinds of Topoisomerase inhibitors, which are available best to alter the working of cancerous cells. For instance, there is Topoisomerase 1 inhibitors and Topoisomerase 2 inhibitors.

As far as the cost of these inhibitors is concerned, they differ in price. Some are expensive some or not.

Topoisomerase inhibitors side effects

It is an effective treatment to treat the cancer patients yet there certain dangers, which are associated with these inhibitors. The common Topoisomerase inhibitors Side Effects are nausea, vomiting, tingling of nerve damaging of nerve, abdominal pain, night sweats, and loss of hair. The major Topoisomerase inhibitors side effect is while treating the cancer patient along with killing the cancerous cells these inhibitors also kills the normal cells. There are chances that a person who is going through this type of chemotherapy treatment may suffer from leukemia at the end of his treatment.

Out of all the chemotherapy treatments, which are out there to cure or treat the cancer patients, the treatment through Topoisomerase inhibitors is indeed the best. Patients who go through this type of chemotherapy have better chances of survival and they can be certain that their cancer won’t return after going through this treatment.

This treatment can be expensive sometimes but it is the effective treatment and there is no reason why the cancer patients should miss this out.

Regular check-up is the only way through which a person can make sure that he is free from cancer. Make sure you visit your doctor regularly it is your duty to make health your priority. If you will not make your health your priority then you can be certain that you will suffer to the extreme end. Make sure you pay the doctor regular visit.

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