Salvage chemotherapy treatment

Salvage chemotherapy treatment

Today we are going to talk about Salvage chemotherapy. This type of chemotherapy is different from all the other kinds of chemotherapies because in this treatment Oncologists do not take the lenient way.

What is salvage chemotherapy?

In most type of chemotherapies doctors try to administer the low dosage of anticancer drugs. For instance metronomic chemotherapy doctors administer low dosage of anticancer drugs so the chemotherapy does not pose much dangerous to the patients who are suffering from cancer.

On the other hand Salvage chemotherapy is different and the criterion of Salvage chemotherapy therapy is also different. Doctors choose this type of chemotherapy to treat the cancer patients when cancer keeps on recurring.

It so happens in most of the cases that cancer patients don’t respond to certain types of chemotherapy. In this scenario when patients stop responding to various types of chemotherapy, doctors try to cure the reoccurrence of Cancer with Salvage chemotherapy.

The one thing which makes Salvage chemotherapy much more different than standard chemotherapy is the fact that in this type of chemotherapy the treatment is usually aggressive. When a person is going through Salvage chemotherapy treatment then he or she is likely to experience aggressive course of treatment, high doses of anticancer drugs and high potency medications.

Salvage chemotherapy is the aggressive course of treatment 

In this type of chemotherapy doctors aggressively attack the cancer. This type of chemotherapy is suitable for the cancers of stage 3 and stage 4 patients.  If the patient is lucky then doctors catch the cancer at the early stages. It is relatively easy to treat the early stage cancer with standard chemotherapy. Sometimes it happens that after going through standard chemotherapy Cancer reoccurs. Most of the time cancer patients do not respond to certain types of chemotherapy.

In this situation oncologists try to treat the cancer patients with Salvage chemotherapy

This type of chemotherapy is aggressive, it aggressively attack the cancerous cells and tumor. The ultimate goal of this chemotherapy is to make sure that the cancer patients don’t die and survive for at least few more years. This type of chemotherapy is suitable for the last stages of cancer.

Salvage chemotherapy Drugs 

Doctors make sure that they take precautions when they are administrating the Salvage chemotherapy drugs into the blood stream of Cancer patients. 

Salvage chemotherapy drugs are very hard on the body and there are chances that these drugs will destroy the organs. Before the administration of Salvage chemotherapy drugs doctors make sure that they provide the patients with adequate nutrients. 

These nutrients make sure that the immune system of the patient is safe. The drawback of Salvage chemotherapy treatment is that, the aggressive chemotherapy can harm the immune system and once the immune system is vulnerable then there are chances that the cancer patient will fall a victim to different kind of infections. Anything can happen to a patient who is going through salvage chemotherapy. He or she can catch any type of infection ranging from chickenpox to any other disease. Before doctors make sure that they are a going to treat the patient with Salvage chemotherapy they make sure to check that if the patient is in a good condition and that if a patient can handle Salvage chemotherapy or .

Rescue therapy 

Salvage chemotherapy treatment is also the rescue treatment. It is that form of therapy which makes sure the survival of a cancer patient when there are very few chances.

Doctors use this type of chemotherapy for various cancers and for various HIV cases. Salvage therapy is the final attempt at saving the cancer patient and usually doctors treat the patients of last stages of Cancer with this type of treatment. Many refer to this therapy as last resort.

Salvage chemotherapy is all about saving the cancer patients who have few chances of survival.

There are different forms of cancer, for instance there is breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, eye cancer and leukaemia. In all these cancers if a patient is Lucky than doctors catch this disease at the early stages. 

With the help of standard chemotherapy doctors try to treat the cancer patients. It is relatively easy to treat the cancer patients at the formal stages. As the cancer progresses and patients stop responding to standard chemotherapy then doctors make sure that they treat the patients with Salvage chemotherapy.

In Salvage chemotherapy treatment doctors administer the very high dosage of anticancer drugs. These drugs are so high in potency that there is a danger that these drugs will destroy the organs. Still these drugs are effective in treating and making sure that the cancer patients have more chances of survival.

With the help of high potency medication and high dosage of anticancer drugs, sometimes doctor save the cancer patients who are at the last stages of cancer.

The treatment of Salvage chemotherapy is very harsh and hard on the body and there are a chance that the immune system will suffer still it is the last resort for all those patients who are at the last stages of cancer. There are chances that the patients of extreme cancer get the cure after going through Salvage chemotherapy.

At the end of the day it’s up-to us to make sure that our body is cancer free and we can only be certain of this when we will pay the regular visit to our doctors. Sometimes cancer is very silent and patients don’t get to know about it until they reach the last stage. Make sure you make your health your priority and that you pay the visit to your doctor regularly. After all health is the ultimate wealth.

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