Intravitreal Chemotherapy for retinoblastoma and eye cancer

Chemotherapy is the effective treatment for different kind of cancers. People who go through chemotherapy have better chances of survival than all those people who go for other methods for their treatment. Chemotherapy has many types and one such type is Intravitreal chemotherapy. This type of chemotherapy is more effective for eye cancer. 

What is Intravitreal Chemotherapy?

Over the course of years, cancer is becoming more and more prominent. It does not discriminate between genders in it can affect any area of the body even eyes. When a person has cancer of the eye then he or she starts looking for treatments. As chemotherapy is the most effective treatment for all kind of cancers, so it is an effective treatment for eye cancer as well. The most potent type of chemotherapy to treat eye cancer is Intravitreal chemotherapy.

Intravitreal chemotherapy for retinoblastoma

Intravitreal chemotherapy is the most potent type of chemotherapy for eye cancer. The problem with eye cancer is it is very risky type of cancer. If this cancer is in the vitreous humor of the eyes then the patients have some type of chance but if this cancer reaches the retina then it becomes difficult for patients to survive.

Doctors also use intravenous chemotherapy to treat the eye cancers but with intravenous chemotherapy, there is a problem. One can never be certain that a patient will not suffer from enucleation after going through intravenous chemotherapy for eye cancer. With Intravitreal, chemotherapy things are little bit certain. Patients go through this type of chemotherapy have better chances of survival. 

Intravitreal chemotherapy for eye cancer 

This type of chemotherapy is the most effective treatment to treat the patients who are suffering from eye cancer. Eye is the delicate organ of the human body and patients who suffer from this kind of cancer can feel better if they go through Intravitreal chemotherapy

Intravitreal Chemotherapy Procedure 

In this type of chemotherapy doctors inject the anti-cancer drugs directly into the vitreous humour of the eye. The vitreous humour is the gel like fluid inside the eye. Doctors inject the anti-cancer drugs into the vitreous humour because the cancer is in the vitreous humour.  

If the cancer reaches the retina of the eye then patients can suffer from enucleation. To protect a patient from enucleation it is important to catch the cancer in the vitreous humour and Intravitreal chemotherapy helps to cure the eye cancer, which is in the vitreous humour. Intravitreal chemotherapy for eye cancer is definitely one of the most potent treatments of eye cancer.

The concern related with Intravitreal chemotherapy

Though individual chemotherapy is the effective type of chemotherapy to treat the eye cancer, yet there are certain concerns, which are there. Many believe that Intravitreal chemotherapy is not the right treatment for eye cancer. In this type of chemotherapy doctors, inject the anticancer drugs directly into the eyes and this particular practice raise many questions about the authenticity of this treatment. 

There are theories that after doctors take the surgical injections out of the eye what if then the cancer spreads outside the eye. There are concerns that patients who go through this type of chemotherapy actually suffer from the prolongation of cancer in other areas of the eye. Doctors say that the most fruitful treatment for eye cancer is radiation.

Other concerns, which people feel, are that vitreous humour is devoid of blood vessels so there is a question that if this humour is lacking in blood vessels how the anti-cancer drugs can then reach the bloodstream.

Despite of all the concerns which people and doctors have, Intravitreal chemotherapy is still the purest form of chemotherapy and patients all over the world prefer this type of treatment if they are suffering from eye cancer.

Combined Intravitreal Chemotherapy 

Intravitreal chemotherapy is much more effective when doctors combine it with other types of chemotherapy. This type of chemotherapy combines with other types yields good results. Combined Intravitreal chemotherapy is much more effective than Intravitreal chemotherapy.

Intravitreal chemotherapy toxicity 

Intravitreal chemotherapy has one drawback. Patients who go through this type of chemotherapy may suffer from toxicity. It is one of the major side effects of Intravitreal chemotherapy.

Intravitreal chemotherapy side effects 

When it comes to Side Effects then this particular type of chemotherapy has more side effects than other types of chemotherapy. People who go through this type of chemotherapy may suffer from regular Side Effects like nausea, vomiting, loss of all or few hair, tingling of nerves, damaging of nerves, abdominal pains, and diarrhoea.

Other than this, there are few cases where because of the surgical instruments cancer spread outside the eye.

It is quite possible for eye cancer patients to suffer from prolonged eye cancer when they go through this type of chemotherapy. If God forbid because of surgical instruments, the cancerous cells seep out of the eyes then they have the tendency to spread to other parts of the eye. 

Still it is the effective form of chemotherapy and patients all over the world prefer going through it.  

Intravitreal Methotrexate Chemotherapy 

There is one other procedure through which doctors try to treat the patients was suffering from eye cancer and this treatment is Intravitreal Methotrexate chemotherapy.

In this treatment there are eight weekly injections and these injections make sure that the cancer patients are free from the eye cancer.

Eyes are the greatest blessing from Almighty. If you feel anything in your eye or if you feel any pain in your vitreous humour then it is important that you head to your doctor. At the end of the day it is up to us to make our health our priority. Make sure that you let the doctor inspect your eyes on weekly or monthly basis. Cancer is dangerous and the only way through which we can make sure that our body and organs are cancer free is by paying the regular visit to the doctors.

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