Intravesical Chemotherapy

Intravesical Chemotherapy

In intravesical chemotherapy treatment a liquid medication is given to the cancer patient via a small tube that is inserted in the bladder. In Intravesical chemotherapy treatment patients receive the medication through their bladder and that medication is always liquid. Doctor gives the liquid medication through a catheter. Catheter is like a tube which doctor’s place inside a bladder so that serious cancer patients receive the intravesical chemotherapy treatment through it. Intravesical chemotherapy is an effective type of chemotherapy and patients who suffer from early stages of bladder cancer usually take advantage of it.

Intravesical chemotherapy treatment is best for treating the Cancers which are at the early stages that is stage 1 and stage 2 but this chemotherapy treatment is not very effective to treat the cancers which progresses to latter stages that is 3 and 4. Intravenous chemotherapy treatment is the best for treating bladder cancer and along with that is also best to treat the eye cancer.

Intravesical chemotherapy treatment procedure

As far as the procedure of this type of chemotherapy is concerned, it is all about adjusting a tube catheter into a bladder. In this particular treatment, doctors insert a tube into the bladder of a cancer patient to make sure that the liquid medicines or medication is in the bloodstream. These medications once are into the bloodstream after being in the bladder making sure that they fight or kill the cancerous cells. Usually it happens that doctors perform surgery first on the cancer tumors and later to remove the remains of cancerous cells they switch to intravesical chemotherapy treatment.

It is an effective treatment and it is the best option if the doctors want to make sure that they treat the cancer cells, which are at the early stages. There are cancer patients who need just a single dose of intravesical chemotherapy treatment and there are cancer patients who need the multiple dose of this particular treatment. How many doses a person will have depends on the stage of cancer and the type of cancer a patient is suffering from.

Intravesical chemotherapy drugs

It is not possible for oncologists and doctors to deliver all the powerful chemotherapy drugs through the bladder into the bloodstream. There are only few drugs, which are best for this type of chemotherapy treatment. The most common Intravesical chemotherapy drug, which doctors use, is mitomycin.

There are few Other Drugs, which doctor use in this type of chemotherapy treatment, and they are doxorubicin, Epirubicin and Valrubicin.

Side effects of Intravesical chemotherapy

As far as the side effects of Intravesical chemotherapy treatment is concerned patients who go through intravesical chemotherapy treatment have an edge over people who go for other types of chemotherapy treatment.

In intravesical chemotherapy, treatment there is the only side effect. In systemic chemotherapy, the whole body of a cancer patient suffers but in this particular type of chemotherapy, only the bladder receives the side effect of the treatment.

Intravesical chemotherapy treatment for bladder cancer

Our body is the greatest blessing of God but as the cancer is progressing, so it can progress to any area including bladder. Once the cancer is in the bladder then cancer patients need to make sure what treatment they are going to choose for their bladder cancer.  

There are different treatments, which exist for patients who are suffering from bladder cancer. For instance, there is surgery, in which doctors try to remove the cancerous tumor from the bladder. Another effective treatment is radiation in which doctors give Radiation therapy or laser therapy to people who are suffering from bladder cancer.

The effective treatment in treating the bladder cancer is chemotherapy treatment. The type of chemotherapy, which suit best for bladder cancer, is intravesical chemotherapy treatment. This intravesical chemotherapy treatment for bladder cancer is an effective treatment and this treatment makes sure that the patient is free from the remaining cancerous cells.

Usually doctors give this treatment to bladder cancer patients before surgery. They give this treatment before surgery to make sure that the cancerous tumor of the bladder shrinks. Another scenario where doctors give this treatment is after surgery. This is to make sure that the remaining cancerous cells are no more.

Patients who are suffering from bladder cancer receive this treatment through bladder. These patients receive liquid medication to make sure that they are safe from this dangerous disease. Intravesical treatment for bladder cancer is an effective treatment and in Intravesical, chemotherapy treatment for bladder cancer oncologist makes sure that the patients who are suffering from bladder cancer are free from this disease.

Sometimes doctors prescribe this particular treatment with the combined chemotherapy. When combined intravesical chemotherapy treatment comes together, there are chances of survival of the cancer patients. Chemotherapy is the most effective treatment out there to treat cancer patients. There are cases when cancer patients actually feel better after going through chemo. At the end of the day, it is up to us to make sure that our health is our priority. Today we live in a dangerous world. We receive sunlight more closely. In today’s era nothing is certain so make sure that you go to your doctor regularly to make sure that there is nothing wrong in your body and that your body is cancer free. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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