Intravenous Chemotherapy Treatment

Intravenous Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy is the most effective treatment for cancer patients. No matter where the cancer is in the body through the chemotherapy drugs, it is possible to kill or fight the cancerous cells.

We all agree that cancer is a dangerous disease but as long as chemotherapy and it types are here we have better chances for all the cancer patients around the globe. Today we are talking about intravenous chemotherapy. In chemotherapy, patients receive chemotherapy drugs either by mouth or either by veins. Intravenous chemotherapy is that treatment where patients take the chemotherapy medication via veins. Oncologists make sure that they insert the chemotherapy drugs into the veins of Cancer patients. Through the veins the drugs goes into the bloodstream and there they perform miracles.

What is Intravenous Chemotherapy?

Cancer cells are abnormal cells and once these cells are in a human body they multiply like crazy. Because the cancerous cells multiply very fast, so in a short span of time they make a tumor in the affected areas.

Intravenous chemotherapy treatment makes sure that the tumor is shrink or no more. The basic difference between intravenous chemotherapy and other forms of chemotherapy is that in intravenous chemotherapy treatment doctors inject drugs into the bloodstream through an IV. This is an extremely effective form of chemotherapy and over the course of years; it has made sure that it heals cancer patients.

Intravenous chemotherapy can help in curing cancer patients and not just that it helps in preventing cancer from spreading. There are so many ways to have intravenous chemotherapy treatment. You can take the drugs by staying at your own home; you can take the intravenous chemotherapy treatment by going to hospital or by going to clinic.

Intravenous Chemotherapy Procedure

How often you will get Intravenous Chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer you have and what is the stage of the cancer. Sometimes intravenous chemotherapy treatment is effective for a longer period and sometimes-shorter periods suffice. This treatment follows a procedure. Doctors give the drugs of chemotherapy to cancer patients through intravenous method in different forms.

This treatment is very effective and doctors give this treatment through different methods.

IV Push Chemo

In IV push, Chemo doctors make sure that the chemotherapy drugs are in your bloodstream through a syringe. This procedure usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Infusion of Chemo

Another intravenous chemotherapy procedure is an infusion of Chemo. In an infusion of chemo, doctors provide the medicines in your bloodstream through a bag. This bag has tubing, which goes to your bloodstream.

Continuous Infusion of Chemo

There is another procedure of intravenous chemotherapy and that is a continuous infusion of chemo. This goes only for 1 to 7 days. In a continuous infusion of chemo, the electronic IV pump controls everything.

Intravenous chemotherapy for Brain tumor

In chemotherapy, doctors use the anticancer drugs and doctors give these drugs to the patient either orally or via vein. When doctors give the chemotherapy treatment via vein then it is intravenous chemotherapy. This type of chemotherapy is good for brain tumor.

A person can suffer from brain damage at any age. It is not always a very good idea to operate a brain through surgery. First doctors try to remove the tumor from the brain via chemotherapy drugs. Intravenous chemotherapy for brain tumor is amazing because these drugs straight into the bloodstream and then it act on the tumor. Carboplatin and Etoposide are the famous drugs, which doctors use for brain tumor.

Intravenous chemotherapy for breast cancer

It is true that the systemic drugs are the main treatment, which is available for women who are suffering from breast cancer, but intravenous chemotherapy for breast cancer is also effective. In this treatment the chemotherapy drugs mix in the bloodstream. Once in bloodstream these drugs make sure that they rid the breast of cancerous tumor and cells. Intravenous chemotherapy for breast cancer is very effective and many women who suffer from breast cancer go for it.

Intravenous chemotherapy for Leukemia

Leukaemia is a dangerous disease and in this disease the cancerous cells are everywhere in a blood. In this particular kind of cancer, cancerous cells do not make an abode in a particular part of a body rather they spread all over in the bloodstream. To treat this kind of cancer only intravenous chemotherapy for leukemia is best. Because in intravenous chemotherapy for leukemia the chemotherapy drugs gets into the bloodstream of a patient and tries to fight against the cancer cells.

Side effects of Intravenous chemotherapy

Though intravenous chemotherapy is an amazing treatment for all the cancer patients, yet this treatment does have certain side effects. When a person is going through intravenous chemotherapy then there can be certain that they will have sore mouth and many digestive problems. Intravenous chemotherapy also damages the healthy cells along with killing the abnormal cancerous cells. Other side effects of chemotherapy are regular but they do exist. They can range from poor appetite to numbness and to problem in concentrating.

There are different other methods through which doctors try to cure the cancer patients. These methods include surgery and radiation. The most effective method of treating the cancer patients is chemotherapy. This method is effective because chemotherapy is drug therapy. In this type of treatment doctors administer certain drugs to cancer patients and these drugs in turn make sure that they shrink or kill the cancerous tumor, which take form in any area of the body.  Since the Inception of chemotherapy cancer is reducing and now there are better chances for cancer patients around the globe. Chemotherapy is perfect and it cure the cancer at all stages chemotherapy drugs make sure that the kill the abnormal cancerous cells at a fast pace.

A regular check-up is the only way through which you can make sure that you have a cancer free body. Make sure you pay a regular visit to doctor. Make sure that your health is your priority because nothing is greater than health.

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