Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease. Cancer happens when abnormal cells make an abode in your body at different places. In pancreatic Cancer, the cancerous cells make an abode in a gland named Pancreas. The gland named pancreas is a harmless gland, which is located behind the stomach and before a spinal cord. Pancreatic cancer happens when the abnormal cancerous cells attack the pancreas and the tissues of this gland. First, few stages of pancreatic Cancer are not dangerous but as the cancer progresses in a pancreas things get out of hand. There are different treatments, which are available for this type of cancer like Radiation and Surgery, but the most effective of them all is chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer.

How effective is Chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer?

In pancreatic Cancer, the cancerous cells make a tumor in a pancreas. Chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer works for this type of cancer because through chemotherapy drugs injects in a pancreas that makes it possible to shrink the tumor. There are cases when doctors were able to remove the tumor simply through the chemotherapy with or without radiation. It is a most effective method, which is out there for this type of cancer. Doctors use it wisely.

Pancreatic Cancer Stage 1

Stage 1 of pancreatic cancer is the naive stage. In the stage the cancerous cells confine to a pancreas, they have not attacked the neighboring lymph nodes, and they have not reached the adjacent organs. By now, in stage 1 of pancreatic cancer the cancerous cells are limited to the pancreas only. It is even difficult to watch the cells by imaging tests nonetheless; they are very much there in the top layers of the pancreatic duct. The most effective method to tackle stage, 1 pancreatic cancer is through surgery. Doctors consider it best to remove the tumor, which is taking shape inside the pancreas. In some cases radiation and chemotherapy is also used. For Chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer stage 1, the drug Gemzar is best for the patients. This drug Gemzar is an effective drug, which is best to shrink the tumor inside a pancreas.

Stage 2 of pancreatic cancer

 Pancreatic cancer is dangerous in a sense that once it invades the pancreas it hardly leaves it. In the stage 2 of pancreatic cancer even after the removal of cancerous tumor the cancerous cells stays active. The final pathology report of stage 2 of pancreatic cancer mostly shows that the cancer has again spread locally. In the stage 2 cancer does not reach the lymph nodes but it is present around the fats and tissues of pancreas. Chemotherapy Treatment for pancreatic cancer stage 2 differs in different cases. Chemotherapy is an effective way to treat any kind of cancer and for pancreatic cancer, it is one of the best methods, which are best to shrink or entirely remove the tumor. In the stage 2 of Chemotherapy Treatment for pancreatic cancer doctors use drugs for patients in the form of different drugs which are induced in the body either by vein or either by injecting it in the spinal fluid. There are two drugs, which are best in the stage, and they are Gemzar and (5 – FU). Gemzar is a more effective drug as compared to (5 – FU).

Stage 3 or 4 of pancreatic cancer

In stage 3 of pancreatic cancer, the cancer reaches the blood vessels. It is hard to say if the cancer in this stage reach to the lymph nodes or not but it definitely spreads to the blood vessels. In this stage, it tries to attack the nearby organs as well. The stage 3 pancreatic cancer is locally advanced cancer and a patient should be concerned if he or she is diagnoses with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Chemotherapy Treatment for pancreatic cancer stage is an effective way to kill or control the cancerous cells at this stage and it is opted by majority of the doctors around the globe.

The stage 4 of pancreatic Cancer is too dangerous for words. If a patient is diagnoses with this stage of pancreatic cancer this means that, it is too late. In this stage, the pancreatic cancer is spreads to the nearby organs. The organs, which are close to pancreas, damage severely in this stage. Chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer stage is very much an option. In this stage, drugs in chemo are an option to the patient. The drugs, which patients use, include Gezmer, Abraxane, Tarceva and Xelode.

 There is another method of chemotherapy, which is best in this stage to cure the cancer patients, and that method is Chemo radiation. Chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer stage 4 is combines with radiation. In this stage, chemo is best for the patient along with radiation. This Treatment is best to cure the patients who by now reach the extreme stage of cancer.

Chemotherapy Treatment for pancreatic cancer side effects

Chemotherapy for sure is an effective way to cure the cancer patients. It is best to shrink or to remove the cancerous tumors inside the organs. Chemotherapy has some drawbacks on its credit as well. When a person is going through chemo, he is likely to lose either all or most of his hairs. Patients who are going through chemotherapy can also complain about extreme fatigue and lack of attention. When the body is expose to different radiations as in the case of chemo radiation for pancreatic cancer stage 4 things and hormones change in our body, which can affect the mood of Cancer patients. Cancer is a heinous disease and cancer patients have very few chances of survival.

 Pancreatic cancer is hard to detect at the early stages, which makes survival more difficult for such a patient, but cancer patients do have some hope until chemotherapy is there. Regular check up is the key for a normal and healthy life. Make sure you see your doctor after short intervals. Health is wealth.

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