Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Cancer is the heinous most disease among all diseases. It has many forms and it can affect any area of your body. There are many kinds of cancers, which exist in today’s era like Blood Cancer, Bone cancerLiver cancer and Breast Cancer. It is that form of cancer, which exists solely in women.

Breast cancer can be naive or extreme. It mostly depends on the type of cancer, which plagues the woman, and the stage of it.

There are many cells in human breasts and which type of breast cancer has afflicted the women is determined by seeing which specific cells in a breast are affected. The most common type of breast cancer is carcinomas. They are those tumours that attack the epithelial cells first. There are other types of breast cancers as well like PhloxesPaget diseasesarcomas, and Angiosarcomas.

Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy for Breast cancer is an effective way to deal with cancerous cells. Chemotherapy has a full Science behind it. In this therapy, anti-cancer drugs are used which are released into the bloodstream either through veins, either by mouth or even byan injection in the spinal fluid

Chemotherapy drugs for breast cancer include paclitaxel, cisplatincarboplatinDoxorubicin, paginated liposomal doxorubicin, and Epirubicin.

When these drugs are in the bloodstream, they try their level best to fight and tackle the cancerous cells.  Chemotherapy for breast cancer can fight the cancerous cells on all stages. There are times when chemotherapy fails but still, it is the most effective method, which is doctors use to tackle and fight the cancerous cells.

Types of chemotherapy for breast cancer

Not every woman with breast cancer needs chemotherapy. There are certain conditions where chemotherapy is best as a method and we will discuss these conditions below. Before we do so, it is important to know that chemotherapy is one of the best methods to treat any kind of cancer. In chemotherapy for breast cancer, doctors give certain medicines to the patient to check how the cancerous cells will respond to it. When chemotherapy is not applied as a method then sometimes it becomes too difficult to determine what actually works best for cancer patients.

When Chemotherapy is best for breast cancer?

In most cases, cancerous cells in the breast take the form of one huge tumour. In the cases where the tumor in the breast is too huge, doctors use chemotherapy.  Chemo in such cases helps to shrink the tumour. Once the tissues are normal in size, doctors perform surgery.

Breast Cancer and the stages

Chemotherapy for breast cancer for stage 1

In stage 1 of breast cancer, it is evident that cancer is not at the extreme. In stage 1 of breast cancer, one can only find a little tumour or a little amalgamation of cancerous cells.  Chemotherapy for breast cancer stage 1 is not necessary. The breast cancer of this stage fixes by radiation or surgery or by the combination of both. Stage 1 is comprised of two parts known as stage 1A and stage 1B. In stage 1A, it is obvious that cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes and in stage 1B; one can see tiny specs of cancerous cells in the lymph node. This stage does not require chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer for stage 2

Stage 2 of breast cancer is a little extreme them stage one in stage 2, breast cancer reaches the few lymph nodes. Chemotherapy for breast cancer stage is still not necessary. Cancer at this stage needs two different methods. Stage 2 cancers methods are breast-conserving surgery or partial mastectomy or mastectomy. Cancer at this stage is curable even without chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy treatment for Breast cancer stage 3

Stage 3 of breast cancer is extreme than stage 1 and stage 2. By now, cancer reaches many nodes of lymph. Along with this, the cancer tumour is now getting bigger and bigger and the nearby tissues of the breasts get heat.

Stage 3 breast cancer needs chemotherapy. Chemotherapy treatment for breast, cancer stage 3 is neoadjuvant chemotherapy and patients have it before surgery to shrink the tumor. In this chemo, patients use Herceptin along with pertuzumab (Perjeta) these drugs shrink the tumor enough to allow a woman to have breast conversing surgery. If the tumor does not shrink even after breast conversing surgery then mastectomy is the option. Stage 3 breast cancer needs special attention because by now cancerous cells are active.

Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer for stage 4

Stage 4 is the extreme stage of breast cancer. By now things have the potential to get worse. In this stage, cancerous cells are all over the lymph nodes and they are damaging the breast tissues with an increased pace. Chemotherapy for breast cancer stage 4 is the best option to opt. At this stage of cancer, the only chemo can make sure that the cancerous cells are under control.

Before chemotherapy, things were gross for the cancer people but with the inception of chemotherapy things changed for good. Chemotherapy is expensive but the money is worth it because only chemo has the potential to destroy the abnormal cancerous cell in a body which otherwise would wreak havoc if left untreated.

There are 8 cycles of chemotherapy for breast cancer. The first cycle can go on for one week, after a break of one or two weeks doctors start the next cycle. Chemotherapy is insanely effective when it comes to controlling the abnormal growth of cancerous cells. If the cancer patients have any chance of survival then that change goes through chemotherapy.

It is best to ask your doctor to start chemotherapy in case you find yourself in the dangerous trap of cancer. At the end God, help those who help themselves. Cancer is dangerous for your life. A regular check-up is the best option to make sure that you re healthy and safe. Health is wealth. Make sure you value it like you value your life.

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