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Vamin uses, dose and side effects

Vamin is a nutritional solution given via drip into a vein ( intravenous infusion ).

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Glavamine uses, dose and side effects

Glavamine is a nutrient solution given by a drip into a vein ( intravenous infusion ). It is used together with appropriate supplements of energy, electrolytes, trace elements, and vitamins for people with a so-called catabolic state (extra fast decomposition of nutrients), especially when there is a great need for protein.

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Clinimix – Alanine / Arginine uses, dose and side effects

Clinimix is ​​a solution for infusion . It is delivered in a bag with two sections. One section contains an amino acid solution with electrolytes and the other contains a glucose solution with calcium chloride. The sections are separated by a closure which, just before it is to be given, is broken and the contents of the sections are mixed together by rolling the upper part of the bag together to open the closures.

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