Bartolinite – infection of the pubic lip


Bartolinite is an infection of the pubic lip. It is not dangerous but can hurt and you need treatment for the infection to pass.

Symptoms of bartolinite

If you have bartolinite, it is common to

  • the inner labia becomes red, tender and swollen
  • you get a searing groan on or next to the inner labia
  • it hurts to sit or walk.

When should I seek care?

If you have a painful swelling at the opening of the wear that does not disappear after a few days, you can contact a health care center or gynecological reception .

Treatment for bartolinite

If the infection is due to bacteria, you will receive antibiotics and painkillers. If it is due to viruses, antibiotics do not help, but it usually goes by itself. If you have pain in the meantime, you can take painkillers.

Often, the infected gland needs to be emptied of where. Sometimes it needs to be removed so that the trouble does not come back. In either case, you will receive local anesthesia before surgery.

With treatment, the infection goes on for a few days.

What is it?

Bartolinite’s glands are two glands that sit on the inner labia, on each side of the opening. The glands form a secretion that keeps the mucous membranes of the abdomen moist. If you get Bartolinite, you have an infection in one or both glands and their openings swell and become clogged again. When the secretary is closed, a warbler can be formed.

Bartolinite is usually caused by bacteria found in the vagina or on the skin, but can also be due to viruses. Bartolinite is common in younger people. It does not infect.

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