Urinary tract infection in children

Urinary tract infection is a fairly common disease in children. It is caused by bacteria entering the urethra and bladder. When the bacteria stop there it is called bladder catarrh. The bacteria spread to the kidneys and the renal pelvis is called renal pelvic inflammation.

Infection with yellow staphylococci

Yellow staphylococci are common bacteria that you can carry without any hassles. Yellow staphylococci can cause infected wounds and sometimes serious infections in the blood. They can also cause food poisoning. Most mild infections with staphylococci heal on their own, but sometimes antibiotic treatment is needed.

Infections of the heart in children

Children can have three different types of infections or inflammations of the heart. All three variants are unusual. The infections are caused by viruses or bacteria, which spread to the heart. It can happen when the child has an infection elsewhere in the body or during surgery. It can also occur without knowing the cause.