Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a dangerous form of cancer in a sense that it spreads very slowly. The patients who suffer from prostate cancer may know about it years later after its first development. In a male body, prostate gland is that gland which produces the liquid form of semen. When a tumor forms in the prostate gland then with the tumor the abnormal growth of cancerous cells starts. Prostate cancer is a slow cancer. A patient may know that he is suffering from it years later. It is slow but dangerous and this is the reason why the patient should opt for the remedies as soon as they can.

First few stages of prostate cancer are not dangerous and with the right drugs the symptoms can go away but the later and advanced stages of prostate cancer are dangerous. There are different options available for people who are suffering from prostate cancer. They can opt for radiation therapy, they can opt for endocrine therapy, or they can opt chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.Out of all these options chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer is the best option than the rest and it is the best option for all the right reasons.

Chemotherapy drugs for prostate cancer include docetaxel and prednisone. Doctors give this drug to the patients who suffer from prostate cancer with or without steroid. Mostly those patients use the drug who no longer responds to hormone or endocrine therapy.  Docetaxel is the basic drug, which doctors use to treat the patients of prostate cancer.  Docetaxel and prednisone are the basic chemotherapy drugs for prostate cancer and they have so many benefits. These drugs prevent the growth of abnormal cancerous cells in the gland and they make sure that the tumor shrinks with their use.

Chemotherapy for prostate cancer life expectancy

Cancer is a dangerous disease and a regular check-up is the only way to make sure that your body is cancer free. Still people who are unfortunate to get this disease nonetheless do have few chances with them. If you are lucky enough to catch the prostate cancer at the early stages then according to the American Society for oncology your survival rate after the chemotherapy is 90%. Most men do not die even after 5 years if they catch their prostate cancer and opt Chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer as a remedy. There are cases when men live a long life even after having prostate cancer for years.  The survival rate of prostate cancer depends upon the treatment a patient is having or the stage of this kind of cancer. In the stage 4 of prostate cancer, the tumor spreads to the nearby organs or lymph nodes. Once the tumor leaves the gland and starts afflicting the nearby organs and lymph nodes consider it too late. In the last stage for prostate cancer survival rate of patients are much less but there are few cases when some patients did survive after opting chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.

Metastatic prostate cancer

Metastatic prostate cancer is the last and most advanced stage of prostate cancer. it is that stage where the cancer cells reach the nearby organs and the lymph nodes. In this stage the cancerous cells comes out of the prostate gland and starts afflicting the nearby organs. In this stage of metastatic prostate cancer hormone therapy and Radiation therapy does not work. In this stage chemotherapy, treatment for prostate cancer works and it is only through chemo in this stage that the patients can see survival as possible option.

Side effect of chemotherapy for prostate cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease. Though with the help of chemotherapy the survival rate of the patients of prostate cancer is high, still chemotherapy has certain Side Effects as well. A patient who is going through chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer can experience extreme nausea or vomiting during or after the therapy of Chemo.  The patients who go through chemo loose either all or few of their hair. Chemotherapy also affects the blood count of the patience of prostate cancer.

The patients who are going through treatment of chemotherapy experience low blood cells count. This means that the level of blood cells in their body decreases with chemotherapy. If the blood cells count decrease in the body, this means that the patient is likely to experience great distress in case he injures himself.

Another side effect of chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer is nerve damage. Most of the nerves of the prostate cancer patients damage when they are going through chemotherapy. If a nerve damages this means that the patient will experience tingling or extreme fatigue in different parts of their body.

Chemotherapy for sure saves the life of many patients, it does control the growth of abnormal, cancerous cells, but this treatment does have extreme side effects, which the patient may have to live with all their lives.

Oral chemotherapy for prostate cancer

Chemotherapy has been saving lives of cancer patients since very long. Over the course of years, this treatment gives certain benefits to cancer patients. One treatment of chemotherapy is oral chemotherapy for prostate cancer. In this, therapy doctors give oral chemotherapy drugs for prostate cancer. Patients who are suffering from prostate cancer can take these drugs by sitting at home like regular pills or tablets. The drugs, which doctors use for oral chemotherapy for prostate cancer, are estramustine and etoposide. These drugs have many benefits and doctors use them extensively to cure the patients of prostate cancer.

At the end of the day, it is your health, which is of utmost importance. Men should stay away from non-healthy activities and non-healthy women. Regular check-up is a prerequisite to make sure that your body is free from any kind of cancer. The growth of prostate cancer is slow but the cancerous cells are very much there in the body.Make sure you ask the doctor for different options of treatment in case you suffer from prostate cancer.

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