Antitumor Antibiotics Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer

Antitumor Antibiotics Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer

Antitumor antibiotics drugs are not like the regular antibiotics, which doctors use to treat infections. These are different kind of antibiotics and they alter the DNA settings inside cancerous cells. Once the DNA alters then the cancerous cells, does not grow and multiply. Doctors take many precautions when they administer antitumor antibioticsdrugs. These drugs have the potential to damage the heart permanently. Doctors make sure that they do not administer high doses of these drugs when they are treating the cancerous patients with them.

Antitumor Antibiotics Drugs

Antitumor antibiotics chemotherapy treatment is an effective treatment to treat the cancer patients. In this, therapy doctors use different kind of fungus to treat the cancer patients. This type of chemotherapy use antitumor antibiotics drugs to destroy the cells at their certain cycles. 

Doctor uses this type of chemotherapy to attack the cancerous cells at different phases. These drugs are cell specific and they make sure that they destroy the cell cycle. Once a cell cycle disrupts then it became difficult for cancerous cells to survive inside human body.

Antitumor antibiotics chemo attacks the DNA of a cancerous cell and this way these drugs prevent the cancerous cells to grow.

Antitumor Antibiotics use natural products for chemo 

Antitumor antibiotics are an effective treatment of chemotherapy and in this type of chemotherapy doctors take the medicines out of natural products. These products are likely to be soil fungus, Streptomyces. The drugs, Streptomyces act on the cancerous cells during their multiple phases of cell cycle and they attack the specific cycles of specific cancerous cells.

Antitumor Antibiotics Cardio toxicity

This type of chemotherapy is effective to treat the cancer patients but this type does pose certain damages and threats to the person who is going through antitumor antibiotics chemo. The regular antitumor antibiotic side effects include nausea, vomiting, tingling, and destruction of nerves, abdominal pain, and Diarrhea. Along with all such things antitumor antibiotics pose another serious threat to a person who is going through this kind of chemotherapy and that risk is antitumor antibiotics cardio toxicity. These drugs pose danger to a human heart. A person who is going through this type of chemotherapy may experience damage to his or her heart. This is why not many people go for this type of chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer. 

Antitumor antibiotics drugs are important in treating the patients of leukemia and the patients of bladder cancer. Once these drugs are in the bloodstream of Cancer patients then they can perform miracles. Despite of the concern that these drugs pose a serious threat to human heart, oncologists around the world try to use these drugs on cancer patients, mostly. Cancer is dangerous disease and the only way through which we can make sure that we are safe from it is to have a regular check up from the doctor.  Make sure you pay the regular visit to your doctor, make sure that you are updated about your health report. At the end, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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