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Lasix Retard – Furosemide uses, dose and side effects

Lasix Retard is a diuretic , a diuretic, which is used for fluid retention in the body’s tissues ( edema ) and for high blood pressure . Lasix Retard inhibits the kidneys’ ability to reabsorb water and salt, leading to increased urinary excretion. Thus, the edema decreases or disappears .

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Impugan – Furosemide uses, dose and side effects

Furosemide acts directly on the kidneys, primarily by passing more sodium into the urine. A consequence of this is that more water is excreted and the number of urine increases. Impugan is a very fast-acting diuretic. The effect is often noticeable as early as 30 minutes after taking a dose. The diuretic effect depends on the size of the dose, and is maximal after 1-2 hours and subsides within about 4 hours.

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