Every strand of hair on the skin is stuck in a hair follicle. The hair follicles can become inflamed if you shave, especially when the skin is warm and moist. Inflammation is usually found on the arms, legs, abdomen, back, chest or shoulders. Most often you can treat hair follicle inflammation yourself.

You can get slight skin damage when you shave or wax. It can disrupt the balance of bacteria and fungi found naturally on the skin. Then other bacteria and fungi can get into the hair follicles and cause inflammation. Hair follicle inflammation is also called folliculitis.

This text describes superficial hair follicle inflammation.

Symptoms of folliculitis

Hair follicle inflammation is similar to small pimples or whiskers, but there is a small strand of hair in the middle of the rash. You may get single or multiple hair follicles and it is common for them to itch.

What can I do for myself?

You can treat hair follicle inflammation yourself, but it will come back easily if you continue to straighten or wax your hair.

Try to rest from shaving or waxing for a while, especially if you have a lot of trouble. It can be good to avoid tight clothing if you have problems with clothes.

You can try a chlorhexidine solution for the skin. Chlorhexidine counteracts bacteria. You can use the solution once or twice a day for two weeks. For example, moisten a cotton pad and bathe on the rash. Chlorhexidine solution is available for purchase at a pharmacy.

Lubricate with cream containing propylene glycol. It is a substance that can reduce the risk of skin infections. You can buy such creams at pharmacies.

To avoid or relieve any hassles when shaving, you can do the following:

  • Do not use disposable planes as they often plan too deep. Instead, you can use multiple graders designed for the skin.
  • Press the planer lightly against the skin.
  • Shave on moist skin.
  • Thoroughly clean the planer after using it.
  • After shaving, lubricate the skin with an unscented, moisturizing cream.
  • Use a new sharp razor when shaving your abdomen. Use plenty of shaving foam or gel.

When and where should I seek care?

Most people do not need to seek care because it is possible to treat the problems themselves.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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