Bursitis – mucosal inflammation


You have mucus sacs in many places in the body around joints and tendons. They are small liquid-filled bags whose purpose is to protect the joints and facilitate the movements. They can become irritated if a joint or tendon is overloaded, or if the mucous sac is subjected to prolonged pressure.

Mucosal inflammation is also called bursitis and is most common in knees, shoulders, and elbows. You can also get inflammation in the mucous membranes if you have a rheumatic disease.

Symptoms of mucosal inflammation

The following symptoms are common if you have inflammation in a mucus:

  • You are swollen in or around a joint.
  • It aches if you push against the swelling.
  • It hurts when you strain the joint or the tendon.

You may also have redness over the mucus.

When and where should I seek care?

Most people who get mucosal inflammation do not need treatment, as it often heals itself in a couple of weeks.

Contact a health care provider if you are very ill or if the problems do not go away in two weeks.

Treatment of mucosal inflammation

You should try to avoid all pressure on the mucus if the cause of the trouble is a prolonged pressure. If the cause is overload you should reduce the load on the joint or tendon. But it’s good to keep moving on the trail without straining it. You can take non-prescription painkillers if you have a lot of pain.

You may need treatment of mucosal inflammation with physiotherapy, also called physiotherapy, if the symptoms are long-lasting. You may also receive medicines for inflammation or a cortisone syringe.

Influence and participate in your care

You can seek care at any medical center or open specialist clinic you want throughout the country. Sometimes a referral  to the open specialized care is required.

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