The bowels of the body move with convulsive movements to move the food forward. Intestinal twist means that there has been a stop in the small intestine or colon. This can either be due to intestinal obstruction or because the bowel movements have temporarily stopped. Intestinal twists are a serious condition that usually requires hospital care.

The obstruction in the intestine may be due to a hard lump of stool or food being stuck in the intestine or that parts of the intestine have grown together after a previous operation in the stomach. Another reason may be that the intestine has revolved around itself, or that there is a tumor in the intestine. The obstacle can also be because the intestine is pinched if it enters a groin hernia or abdominal wall hernia.

Usually, you get sick quickly if you get bowel wrinkles, but the illness can also happen gradually over a few days. 

In children, the most common cause is that part of the bowel has crept into the subsequent part, which is called invagination.

That the bowel movements stop, so-called stagnant bowels can come after an operation in the stomach or if you have been involved in a major accident. It can also come when you have been very hurt, for example after a gallstone attack. Some drugs reduce bowel movement and some of the treatments may be to stop taking these medications.

Symptoms of Bowel Pain

These are some common symptoms of bowel pain:

  • It hurts the whole stomach.
  • The pains come and go as the gut presses its contents against the obstacle.
  • You feel sick and vomit, vomiting can resemble feces.
  • Neither stool nor gas can pass through the rectum.
  • The stomach is stretched.

Treatment of Bowel Pain

If you know that it is easy for you to get bowel movements, you should get advice from your doctor about what you can do to keep the bowel running.

If you have intestinal wrists due to a stop in the intestine, the first step in the treatment of bowel pain is usually to get a drop to replace the fluid loss and correct the blood’s salt balance. You also usually get a small tube in the stomach through the nose or mouth to relieve the intestines, it can also reduce the risk of vomiting. Intestinal wrists due to a stop in the bowel sometimes need to be operated urgently. It also happens that the stop goes off by itself and the bowel movements start again.

You usually have to undergo an X-ray of the intestinal passage, when you swallow contrast media to make it easier to examine the way down the intestine. The study serves both as a way of diagnosing and as a treatment.

Stagnant bowels usually go away by themselves in a few days or when the cause behind has been treated. You can also get medicines that stimulate bowel movements.

In children with invagination, the bowel often slides right during the X-ray examination and the child becomes healthy without surgery. The examination can also cause a stagnant bowel in an adult to start functioning again.

When should I seek care?

If you suspect you have bowel problems, you should seek care directly at a health center or on-call reception.

Muhammad Nadeem

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