A Baker cyst is a swelling in the knee. It is formed when the mucus that sits on the back of the knee contains more fluid than usual. Most often the cyst disappears by itself but sometimes treatment is needed.

Baker’s cyst in adults is usually due to knee overload combined with knee joint problems. For example, it may be osteoarthritis, joint inflammation or a meniscus injury.

Children can sometimes get Baker cysts. It is unclear why the cysts are formed, but they usually do not cause any major problems and they decrease or disappear by themselves as the child grows older.

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Symptoms of baker cyst

The kneecap becomes swollen if you get a Baker cyst. The swelling can be from small as a hazelnut to large as a tennis ball. It doesn’t always hurt, but if Bakercystan is big, it can feel tense and harder to bend the knee joint.

The cyst may burst, but it is unusual. Then it usually hurts and you get bleeding inside the calf which becomes sore, swollen and warm.

When and where should I seek care?

You should contact a health care center if you have a swelling on the back of the knee that hurts and does not disappear in two weeks.

Here you can find care. You can contact many receptions by logging in.

Treatment of baker cyst

Baker cysts can disappear by themselves, but if you have osteoarthritis of the knee joint, there is a risk that the cysts will come back.

Children with Baker cyst usually do not need any treatment of Baker cyst as the swelling decreases or disappears by itself over time. Adults with Baker cysts who do not hurt need no treatment either. If your Baker Cyst is due to a knee problem, you will be treated for it.

If you get a bleed, it heals by itself, although it can take several weeks. If you have a lot of pain, you can take non-prescription painkillers.

If you have severe problems, Bakercystan may need surgery.

Influence and participate in your care

You can seek care at any medical center or open specialist clinic you want throughout the country. Sometimes a referral to the open specialized care is required.

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