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DepressionDiseasesMental illnesses and disorders

Bipolar Disease

Bipolar disorder means that you are manic and depressed for different periods. In between, you can feel good and live as usual. You who have bipolar disorder need to seek care because the illness can sometimes make you feel very ill. You can get treatment that helps you feel better.

DepressionDiseasesMental illnesses and disorders


You may have suffered from depression if you feel depressed, tired and powerless for an extended period, and have lost your appetite even for things that you usually think to do. Then you may need help to feel better. Most people get better already after a few weeks with the right treatment.

DepressionDiseasesMental illnesses and disorders

Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue Syndrome means you have several different physical and mental disorders that result from long-term stress or other severe stress. With support and treatment you recover, even though you may be stress-sensitive for a longer time, for example. For some, the recovery takes a long time.

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Gambling Syndrome – Gambling Addiction

If you have gambling syndrome, you cannot control your gambling for money and it affects relationships, finances and work. Gambling syndrome is also usually called gambling addiction and is considered a psychiatric condition similar to alcohol and drug syndrome. There are various kinds of support and help to be had both for those who have gambling syndrome and for those affected by gambling.