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Here you can read more about different types of illnesses and eye problems, such as acute glaucoma, color blindness, stinging and vitreous degeneration.

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Open angle glaucoma, green cataract

Open-angle glaucoma is an eye disease that causes the optic nerve in the eye to disappear. Increased pressure inside the eye causes retinal damage. The injuries provide a slowly shrinking field of view and without treatment you can become blind. If you have open-angle glaucoma, you will receive treatment and be allowed to go out on life controls.

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Distinction in children

Splitting means that the child has difficulty in directing both eyes in the same direction. It allows the child to see double. Sometimes the vision can develop worse. There are various treatments to correct the spleen. Glasses can help if the child has a refractive error. Vision can sometimes be trained by covering one eye. Sometimes surgery is needed.

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Retinal detachment

In a retinal detachment, it is common to see flashes on the edge of the field of view and the field of view becomes smaller. If the retina becomes detached, you may have a visual impairment. Therefore, seek care if you think you have retinal detachment. The treatment you receive depends on how much of the retina has loosened.

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Cataracts are an eye disease that causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy. It makes you worse eyesight. It varies how long it takes before the vision becomes poor. For some it takes a few months, for others several years. Cataracts are treated with an operation. Everyone who gets cataracts does not need surgery.

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Vitreous detachment

Glass body discharge is common as you get older and most people do not notice it. Usually you do not need treatment. It is uncommon but if there have been holes in the retina in conjunction with the glass body loosening then you may need treatment.

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Color blindness means that you have difficulty separating certain colors from each other. The most common form is innate and hereditary and makes it difficult to distinguish between red and green.

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Acute glaucoma

Acute glaucoma is because the pressure in the eye has increased in a short time. Then the eye cannot function properly. The eye turns red, you can get vision impairment and it can hurt a lot. You may also feel sick and vomit. It is important that you get treatment quickly if you have acute glaucoma.