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Repevax | Diphtheria vaccine , tetanus, pertussis ( acellular component) and (inactivated) polio | uses, dose and side effects

Repevax (Tdap-IPV) is a vaccine. Vaccines are used to protect against infectious diseases. They work by getting the body to produce its own protection ( antibodies ) against bacteria and viruses that cause the diseases to be fought.

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diTeBooster vaccine uses, dose and side effects

diTeBooster is a vaccine that protects against diphtheria and tetanus. This booster vaccine is used to vaccinate children (5 years and older) and adults who have already received a primary vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus.

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Tetanus is a very rare disease in Europe. It is caused by bacteria and you get persistent cramps in the muscles. Tetanus is life-threatening, but if you receive early treatment you are usually restored.

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