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GONAL-f – Follitropin alpha uses, dose and side effects

GONAL-f contains a medicine called follitropin alfa. Follitropin alfa is a type of “follicle-stimulating hormone” ( FSH ), which belongs to the hormone family “gonadotropins”. Gonadotropins are involved in reproduction and fertility .

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Bemfola – Follitropin alpha uses, dose and side effects

This medicine contains the active substance follitropin alfa, which is almost identical to a natural hormone produced by your body and is called “follicle-stimulating hormone” ( FSH ). FSH is a gonadotropin, a type of hormone that plays an important role in human fertility and reproduction. In women, FSH is needed for the growth and development of the sacs (follicles) in the ovaries where the egg cells are located. In men, FSH is needed for sperm production.

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