Hemangioma in children

Hemangioma, also known as a strawberry mark, appears as a mark on the skin and is most common in children up to one year. Most hemangiomas do not cause any problems and disappear by themselves. Contact bvc if the child is older than six weeks when they occur, or if the child has six hemangiomas or more.

Infections of the heart in children

Children can have three different types of infections or inflammations of the heart. All three variants are unusual. The infections are caused by viruses or bacteria, which spread to the heart. It can happen when the child has an infection elsewhere in the body or during surgery. It can also occur without knowing the cause.

Treatment of Cancer in Children

Children who get cancer are usually treated with the same methods as adults, although the doses are different. There are three common treatment methods that are often combined: cytostatic therapy, radiation therapy and surgery. The duration of treatment for a cancer disease can vary from a few months up to several years.