Tag: Back pain

Sore and Shoulder Pain

It is common to have pain in the shoulders and neck. For the most part, the pain or pain goes away by itself and is not a sign of any illness. For example, you may have become stiff in your muscles after sitting for a long time or working in a difficult position. Sometimes the pain can also be due to stress or problems with a muscle attachment.

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Back Hurts

Having back pain is very common. The pain usually sits in the lower back, ie in the lower back, but some also aches in the chest. For the most part, the pain goes away by itself but sometimes you may need treatment.

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Back pain in children

It is unusual for children to have back pain, but it is more common in puberty when the child grows a lot in length. Back pain in children is usually mild and goes away by itself. In more severe conditions, corset or surgical treatment may be needed.

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