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Here you can read about diseases and disorders of the uterus and ovaries.

DiseasesGenitalsUterus and ovaries


Ovary inflammation often causes you stomach ache, richer flow and sometimes fever. The most common cause is STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. You need treatment with antibiotics if you have fallopian tubes.

DiseasesGenitalsUterus and ovaries


Myomas are muscle nodules that can sit inside or outside the uterus. It is common to have myoma without having any symptoms. You may need treatment if they grow quickly, grow large or sit in a place that gives you a lot of symptoms. You can be treated with drugs or by surgery.

DiseasesGenitalsUterus and ovaries


Outflow means that something bends down towards, or out through, the muzzle. It can be, for example, the abdominal walls, the uterus or both that come down. An appearance is usually not dangerous but can feel uncomfortable and can affect your way of life.

DiseasesGenitalsUterus and ovaries

Cysts on the ovaries

Ovarian cysts are common, especially during the period of life when you have menstruation. Most cysts disappear by themselves, but some require treatment even though they are benign. It is unusual for cysts to be caused by cancer.