Leukemia – blood cancer

Leukemia is a collective name for several different cancers in the bone marrow where the blood is formed. The treatment you will receive and how it will go depends, among other things, on your leukemia. More and more people who have leukemia can receive treatment that removes the disease or that makes it possible to live a good life for a long time.

Pulmonary artery hernia

A pulmonary artery hernia on the brain’s vascular tree means that part of a pulmonary vein has weakened and expanded. If the hernia breaks, you may have brain bleeding inside or outside the brain, that is, a form of stroke. How it will go depends, among other things, on how much bleeding is and what part of the brain is affected.


Migraines are acute attacks of blasting headaches that usually last for half a day. The aches get worse as you physically exert yourself and move your head. The cause is not known, but migraines can be triggered by, for example, stress, hormone changes or some food and drink. The risk of having migraines increases if you have a relative who has it. Migraine attacks are almost always harmless.

Headaches in children and teenagers

Headache is common in both children and teenagers. The cause is often colds and infections, but headaches can also be due to other illnesses, mental illness or lack of sleep. Often it is not possible to find an explanation for the headaches. For the most part, the pain goes away by itself, but sometimes it can sit for longer and come more often. Although it is very uncommon, headaches can in some cases be due to a serious illness.