Abuse of anabolic androgenic steroids

Anabolic androgenic steroids are sex hormones that are produced chemically. They work in two ways. First, they build up muscle and other tissues in the body, and they provide male maturation and lower testosterone production in the testes.

Gambling syndrome – gambling addiction

If you have gambling syndrome, you cannot control your gambling for money and it affects relationships, finances and work. Gambling syndrome is also usually called gambling addiction and is considered a psychiatric condition similar to alcohol and drug syndrome. There are various kinds of support and help to be had both for those who have gambling syndrome and for those affected by gambling.

Alcohol and drugs, risk use, harmful use and addiction

Alcohol and drugs are examples of various drugs that you may become addicted to. Many forms of drugs are illegal to use, manufacture or sell. Some forms of drugs can be legal, but still harmful if you use them incorrectly. For example, there may be certain drugs or preparations that you can shop online.

Being a parent or close relative of someone who is hurting himself

It is common to be scared or sad if you are told that someone you care about is hurting yourself and feeling bad. There is much you can do to help the person. You can talk about how they feel, listen and help seek help if needed. You may need help yourself in order to be a good support and to feel good yourself.