Blood pressure is the pressure that occurs in the blood vessels as the blood is driven from the heart into the body and later back to the heart. High blood pressure makes the heart pump work harder and can be serious if you do not get it treated. The risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney problems in particular increases if you have high blood pressure.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is in most cases completely harmless and does not require any treatment. Most people who have low blood pressure have no symptoms. If you have a sudden drop in blood pressure, you should sit down or lie down. Sometimes you may need to seek care.

Anemia due to too little iron

Anemia due to too little iron is common and can make you feel tired and powerless. The most common cause of anemia is that you have lost blood. For example, it can be during menstruation or if you have a stomach or intestinal disease that causes bleeding. It may also be because you cannot absorb iron from the food.

Polycythemia – too many red blood cells in the blood

Polycythemia means that you have too many red blood cells in your blood. It makes the blood flow thick. Polycythemia can be a disease but it can also be a consequence of other diseases. The treatment you receive depends on what form of polycythemia you have.